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  1. Do you know how much an animatronic is and how hard it is to maintain when drunken idiots mess with it?
  2. I think they should skip haunt this year, no way in hell they can make it work with social distancing. I could careless about haunt anyway.
  3. But what about putting all the smokers there? If they wanted to social distance they aren't doing very well at that. Just gonna have more people going in and out now.
  4. At least we can agree and disagree on stuff without an argument lol. That is a beautiful thing, if more people could do that we would have a better world
  5. Everyone so concerned about Covid but not realizing they are pushing all smokers to the front gate to smoke, with no mask... Sounds like a great recipe they got cooking up there.
  6. I wish they wouldn't sell it in the park 100% I have seen multiple people acting fools drinking in places they aren't allowed to be in. That's completely different though cause they make profit on it.
  7. So it's ok to walk around trashed on alcohol in a family park but it's not ok to smoke inside the park in designated areas... That's completely logical, I guess if they sold cigarettes with alcohol it would be ok though since they could profit off it. Whats gonna happen now is people are gonna sneak off in restrooms to smoke causing more of an issue. Edit: also I thought the whole timed reservation system was to keep the entrance clear? With this new policy good luck on that lmao Edit #2: Pretty smart also to have ONE single area for smokers. No masks on crowded in one space? Great idea KI Great idea!!!
  8. With how well the phone policy works I'm sure your right Also good for Kalahari! It's unconstitutional anyways like the article says. Glad we don't have a "DR" running the state anymore!
  9. Best news I've heard all week. Also for the people complaining about the masks not being enforced, don't go. I mean that's what you guys keep telling the people who don't like the policy. But let me guess were not allowed to have an opinion right? Even though this is all being blown out of proportion, wheres those 5k new cases we were supposed to get everyday? What happened to letting people get back to work after the curve was flattened? Seems like its being drug out quite a bit...
  10. I see right now there being problems with the masks and queue lines. No one is gonna keep that mask on all day no one. The queues still have people close together. Not to mention I see a lot of the entitled enthusiast trying to reserve for everyday, which is ridiculous. I see that being a bigger issue than anything.
  11. If they are high risk then why go to an amusement park in the first place? Seems like a dumb decision.
  12. So multiple posts on the subject, and asking if selected restraints can be opened is a joke? Sure...
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