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  1. You guys give me a lot to think about I always just figured it would be a matter of time before an updated entry plaze like Carowinds or Ceadr Point was inevitable I never realized there were people against it.
  2. Hey guys thanks for taking the time to check out my report! So I had a 10:30 reservation for Cedar Point on July 10th (2nd day open to passholders) and I arrived around 11 - 11:20 (I never arrive at Cedar Point at the planned time just too many variables lol). To start off the temperature screening (though reminiscent of an unnecesary cattle pen) was quick and painless - as was security. As we wondered through the park not knowing were to start or what to do (i.e. never ride Raptor first that's where everyone goes lol). Happen to come across a rather long ling extending past the train tracks leading to Millennium Force. After asking if it was for Millennium Force the attendant told me I needed an "Access Pass". So there's another line next to the queue in which to obtain the "Access Pass". Got our passes to return from 1:00 - 2:00 so we decided to find something to kill the time... Oh let's get in line for Thunder Canyon (water rapids ride) that can't possibly be that bad. Famous last words - took about an hour to get through a line of maybe 50 people (between cleaning the boasts, only 1 party per boat, every other boat was sent empty... it took a long time). And for the first time in my life I've seen guests in line get more aggitated than me waiting in line lol. After the water ride we queued for Skyhawk (big swing ride) - again same mistake the line was soooo short, but again another hour had past and we were next to get on the ride... Finally it would all be worth the wait - oh what was down? Down for maintenance - Well time to leave to use my almost expired Millenium Force "Access Pass" While waiting in line for Millenium Force I had a very nice conversation with an employee that had just gotten off work and wanted to ride Millenium, cause who doesn't. And get this we are next to ride and an announcement comes on the speaker "Just a warning there is a storm heading this way... The ride is not stopping opperation right now.. but just a warning" - Well thank god some light shone down on us for another 5 minutes to ride the ride before the park shut down for inclement weather. I won't share all the minute details but you guys get the picture lol (got one more coaster in with Magnum before that day was out). I just mostly wanted to post words of wisdom or inspiration for anyone that reads this from the park - or guests thinking about going there - DO IT - Cedar Fair and Cedar Point have absolutely killed it with handling this sooo well - To the poor employees dealing with all the complaints and bull**** of all the ungrateful season passholders that were there today GOD BLESS YOU - and to all the ungrateful season pass holders SHAME ON YOU. 99.99% of the people I came in contact were wearing masks the entire time (wearing it properly we need to work on) and social distancing was done of a level I couldn't even fathom would actually be followed - so thats where I say to all of those guests also following the rules and making it easy THANK YOU! If anyone else is there I would love to hear your perspective or see some pictures from you
  3. If there's anything I learned today it's that the season pass population covers all demographics lol.
  4. This is the only ever coaster in my life that I have only had one ride it's all still kind of a blur, hot sweaty day, face masks, long line. Id love to give my review but I don't even remember it. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything it was an AMAZING ride!
  5. I only saw one person smoking all day in the park, and I even purposefully checked out all the old smoking areas just to see if I could find anyone. They were hiding in the bushes inbetween Invertigo's exit and the rest rooms there at the old smoking area. I was wondering if anyone else noticed any violators since the new policy.
  6. I just wanted to take a moment to say everything ran smoothly and amazingly today, and to thank everyone that took part in making it such a great experience! Thank you Kings Island team!!!
  7. I officially saw 1 person come through the Fast Lane line lol
  8. They have sent a few trains through but there is definitely not a steady flow
  9. I got in at 9:20 and am still in the middle of the line for Orion
  10. Is anyone at the end of the line with any updates?
  11. I'm really glad about the amount of people actually wearing masks though! Although i think it's supposed to cover your face lol
  12. But at least if someone asks you nicely to not stand on top of them we should all comply were all in this together guys
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