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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. mm, 84 or 85. Remember seeing this video on tv about that time. That's Entertainment, when Taft Broadcasting ownnd KI and a portion of that show.
  2. Here's an oldtimers remembrances about The Beast entrance. On opening day, April 14, 1979, the queues weren't completed. The crowd that was out front was funneled through two doors, where the Coke machines are now, then up the ramp. If I remember correctly, it was a one train day. When the queues were finished the entrance was over by the current Beast photo building. It went into Upper Queue, the pad of which was still there last time I looked. Middle Queue was next, then the Coke Queue. At Coke Queue, they served soft drinks and fast food..hot dogs and the like....imagine that line s
  3. Any incident resulting in an injury is the same be it guest, employee or maintenance crew. Safety is number one, and always is, Employees getting injured or even shaken up is just as bad as if it happened in July with guests. Incidents like this always affect ride crews, maintenance staff, managers and supervisors, as everyone works very hard to avoid even the slightest incident.
  4. Sad to say, but KI is a business. We the enthusiasts, guests and employees give it life. We LOVE the place. Every company has to look at the bottom line. When Paramount can get better return on ONE movie (Titanic) than a whole season of a theme park, it's easy to see why they became disenchanted with being a park owner. But to us, KI is more than a collection of buildings and attractions designed to support retail shops, which in fact it is. The example of Six Flags is frightening. They put in too many thrill rides at too many small parks in areas that couldn't support the investments.
  5. I recall, Wonderland was managed, but not owned by KECO. Lindner was going to dump KECO. KECO owned the lower earning parks. IMHO getting them back together and keeping them together is exciting, even under the Cedar Fair banner. Since this was just an opinion, and has drawn some fire for not being interesting or relevant enough, let this topic die before I post a photo of a bunny with a pancake on it's head. In the mean time, I'm going to go over and read a post about the Coca-Cola Cool Zone, that is if it doesn't keep me awake tonight.
  6. Steveo3631 said: As much as we bash Paramount, remember that Paramount rejoined all the Taft built and owned theme parks. Before that they were owned by at least three different companies. I guess I don't see why this is a important thing. I grew up with the Taft parks, love the Taft parks. Would have hated to see them under different umbrellas. Perhaps it has only been important to me. I saw them broken up in the 80's, rejoined in the 90's and thanks to Cedar Fair, are continuing to be joined under one company!
  7. As much as we bash Paramount, remember that Paramount rejoined all the Taft built and owned theme parks. Before that they were owned by at least three different companies.
  8. Back in the pre Paramount days KI kept to the themes pretty well. Once Paramount decided to place branded attractions throughout the park without thought to keep to a theme KI looks lige a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces don't fit. If Cedar Fair wants to maintain a strict theme in each area, they have a lot of work ahead.
  9. Magnetic propulsion, magnetic braking.....metal attracting, repelling....can you patent something so basic?
  10. From the Orlando Sentinal 3-7-07 Disney, GE, others face patent suit Phil Milford | Bloomberg News Posted March 7, 2007 General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal Inc., Walt Disney Co. and three other U.S. theme-park operators were accused of infringing patents on magnetic brakes used on roller coasters. Safety Braking Corp., based in Newport Beach, Calif., claims the companies infringed patents won in 1994 and 2003. The defendants also include Busch Entertainment Corp., Six Flags Inc. and Cedar Fair LP. Safety Braking holds exclusive licenses to the patents, one from Magnetar Technol
  11. Thanks for reminding me that they did have original PTC trains. I had forgotten.
  12. SOB has had such bad press KI would do well to purchase the best trains possible giving the most comfortable ride. Anything less will hurt the credibility of the ride. If the new trains are just as rough as before, even if they are lighter, with insufficient padding, the guests will still look on SOB as a bad experience. However, I see the aforementioned memo says that the trains "may be" going to Kings Island and is not written as fact. Perhaps they were bought for spare parts for Villain or Raging Wolf Bobs. That would place the trains being shipped to Ohio. As for the possibility o
  13. I wonder where the Shooting Star traines ended up. They were new in 1961 and taken out of service in 1971. KI claims all the trains for Racer were brand new. I can't imagine Shooting Star trains with ten years service being scrapped.
  14. I would have loved to ride the Shooting Star. The Minebuster at CW is no match.
  15. Lesourdsville has some used, rebuilt, and used again trains.
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