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  1. You see, then they could open FOF, TR, and SD (any other indoor rides Im forgetting?) Unfortuneately, the biggest thing to do @ Winterfest, if you remember, was to go ice skating on the frozen fountain. Other than that, KI just opened for shopping. Nothing big.

    Oh and it would be great for the workers if the park extended hours. Im just now starting my off season job next week!

    PS. Nice to meet ya Yogi at Select Band. And I called it, I didnt make it.

  2. AZ_Kinda_Guy, ever think it could have been either Monster, Express, or the other side of Racer? I have heard some alarms that I would have never thought about hearing when the park is closed. Sounds just love to carry over the wind.

  3. Well, think about it. Major construction hasnt even started at the park, just pouring footers and such. What if they waited until after the winter snows? Look at Reptar. It was up in 2 months. There still could be an added attraction. Just wait.

  4. Oh that was fun. You did forget the air guitar and fighting with managers over the music or lack thereof. Oh and all the things we arent supposed to talk about (you know what I mean Pat).

    I have good memories about making other people have fun. For example, when I was working over at Reptar once (right after I got trained), it started raining. Well, there was only one little girl. Well, me and another person started playing some games to keep her entertained. That was actually a lot of fun.

  5. I will give you a headsup on SOB. If you want to have pretty much everyone at the park at your ride, go to SOB. I spent one season there and I want to go to TRTR, Beast, or Whitewater. Somewhere nonhetic. Just choose wisely.

  6. Bob, they had 2 people movers at one point: a monorail that went through an Animal Safari, and then a skilift that went from Adventure Village to the end of Coney if Im not mistaken. Both of these are now removed probabily due to low ridership.

  7. The problem with that is that there is absolutely no room behind Drop Zone. They have about 40 feet, where the Steel Coaster Maintenance shed is, then a drop off to the Top Gun queue. Real tight quarters.

  8. Think about this logic for a moment... PKI has these big rides on either side of the mall. If parents have to bring their kids to the extreme back of the park, then theres more of a chance that the parents will leave their kids in the kiddy corral and ride the bigger rides. Follow my drift?

  9. Actually, if I remember correctly, werent the two stadums back to back to each other? I know that they were in close proximity to each other.

    The Canoe ride was definitely before my time, but I have one question: Was there a pond below The Beast building after the construction of The Beast? I have always wondered this, and would make more sense for the theming.

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