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  1. Well one day i was riding The Vortex.....it wasnt sinking....and right when we were about to go around the second loop the man in the first car blcked out and dropped his phone. guess who caught it... yeah... after the ride he went into that little white car and they took him to the nurse or something.. HE DIDNT DIE!!! he just blacked out for like 5 minutes.. he was completley concious by the time the ride ended. ANYWAY one rumor i heard was that a little kid brought a pocket full of change onto drop zone. the top he decided to drop pennies off it. the pennies fell and killed the operator, many workers and a couple people in the line. since the operator died they were stuck up there for and hour. ^^^^^^^that on is soooooo fake... ps. i gave the phone back cuz it was some crappy phone from cincinnatti bell.
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