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  1. ^I believe Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland uses magnetic trims.

    Edit: Furthermore, to get more precise control, they could operate the magnetic brakes the same way as mechanical ones by compressing the magnets closer to the fins on the train without making actual contact with the fin. I believe the brakes right after the splashdown on The Backlot Stunt Coaster are a similar concept, however, I don't know if B&M has ever toyed with this and I'm not sure if the physics behind eddy currents would even allow this.

  2. I was gonna post this but I didn't have the time!

    And no, I do not think this is Clifford, Clifford had a vertical section, a joint, and another more horizontal boom. This one only has the vertical. But I've thought the same thing for days!

    I mean, something was happening over there, but I couldn't tell what since there's snow and it's so far away. You didn't miss much.

    In other news.. In case anyone was wondering where Clifford went!


    This may or may not, or probably isn't the actual one but.... tee hee, gentlemen, tee hee.

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  3. I have been super busy this week and have not been actively on the form and I missed this! Do you just need to have a KIC username by 1/24/14 and can still participate in media day if I order the subscription to CC now? Or did I have to pay my subscription to CC by yesterday? I would love to attend media day (being that my schedule permits), but I understand if it's too late to sign up. If anyone can clear this up for me, I would really appreciate it!

  4. Scream zone? deathtropolis? creep country? horror hollow? just a few names i thought of. if they retheme Action Zone, IF, then i could see Drop Tower being named demon drop or i thought hellfall sounded cool. Xtreme Skyflyer named noose or hangman , pendulum works for Delirium whoever said that, and Invertigo... hmmmmm maybe specter or jack knife? just my 2cents. ooo and congo falls... fear river or dead man falls?

    Horror Hollow! I love it!!

    And Demon Drop, Hellfall sounds cool, but I don't think that is a name a family oriented park would opt for. I'm not sure on the others.

  5. In my perspective, I really don't care that its wider, and I'm sure theres a reason for it. But figuring out the reason and understanding why it was done is fascinating to me and probably to the other people commenting about it.

    An interesting observation I have made, is that the base of this first loop appears to be a bit wider than the second loop in the blueprints. This rules out the restraint/clearance window hypothesis, in my opinion. However, I think it has to do with the way the layout was designed. It could have to do with the fact that its encircling the lift hill, or the entrance/exit points of the loop. If you notice how the ride comes out of the first dive loop, in order to set up for the vertical loop, it has to bank slightly to the left. To shift this entrance point any closer to the exit point, that bank would need to be increased which might not have been how they wanted the ride to perform. And moving the exit point closer to the entrance point might not have set up the zero-g roll the way they wanted, or the rest of the ride after that for that matter, considering moving this section of the loop would shift the rest of the ride over. Or possibly this would cause the need for another banked turn in the ride somewhere short after the loop. I think they made the base wider because it was the easiest way to set up the ride to perform the way they wanted to, not necessarily because it changes the experience of the loop.

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  6. Take out the basketball game on the North end of the Coney Mall and put a ferris wheel there! That way the two ends of the Coney Mall are marked with cool, bright LED lights!

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  7. Something should be done with Congo. I think it feels dirty all the time. Maybe somehow it could be cleaned up and fixed up, but if not, I think a replacement should be in order, particularly something large and thrilling. For example I would love to see a properly themed Mack Super Splash, Water Coaster, or Interactive Boat Ride for a more family friendly attraction. If Timberwolf were to be removed, I think the area could be used to create a good Mack Water Coaster. I've never rode a Mack Water ride before, but they do look pretty nice, and appear to be a decent replacement for Intamin Water rides.

    As for the Action Zone in general, I don't see a complete re-theme. Just paint Invertigo's sign to match, do something to clean up Congo Falls, and somehow get rid of that awful pavement! Not only does the painted part look bad, but there's still a place for car advertisement over by Congo Falls! I think the worst thing they could do is leave that nasty pavement in right in front of their brand new coaster! Also, the bathroom next to Banshee should be re-modeled and the pathway to Flight Deck should be opened up and that old concrete bridge for the access road should be leveled.

    I think IF they want to completely re-theme, Adventure Village should make a comeback. Rename Invertigo Stingray, Congo can remain or be replaced as mentioned above, re-theme/renovate Flight Deck to be "The Bat", and maybe re-theme Drop Tower (Or just fix it up And make minor changes to get a more abstract paint design). Could easily make the area much more friendly, cool, and habitable.

    My other theory is to break Banshee and "The Bat" (if re-themed) in to their own sub section like X-Base.

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  8. I was looking at the sight from Delirium a few times yesterday ( whoever posted great views from Delirium was right) and it just seems fitting that the new coaster is going to come out overhead where the water tower was, adding some action into the zone! Just my 2 cent guess.

    I was at the park yesterday too! And I thought the same thing. If it is an invert, I think an Immelmann loop right where the White/Red circle is would be amazing!


    Old news.

    The green track at the Ohio manufacturing plant is probably not relevant to Kings Island, so it'd be advisable to just throw that idea out the window.

    Is it another Mega Coaster? Let's not forget Cedar Fair was maladroit enough to build two B&M Mega Coasters back-to-back in Canada's Wonderland.... so anything is possible with this companies inane thought process....


    I'm not sure if this idea has been thrown out yet and forgive me if it has, I can't quite keep up with the pace this topic goes sometimes. Anyways, what if the idea of this picture is backwards? What if the block section described is actually the station with the front being out towards SoB's old spot. After exiting the station if the train were to turn about 160 degrees, it could make that triangle footer a good pivot point for a B&M with a pre-drop, such as dominator. This is probably incorrect, but I'm just trying to think outside the box.

    P.S. Sorry for not posting my own picture of my idea, I'm really not good with creating and posting them.

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  10. A strange thing I just noticed on KI's and CP's (and probably all other CF parks) web pages, is the picture banner on the top of the tickets page. It appears to show a roller coaster that I do not believe CF owns! I mean its possible that I'm wrong and please correct me if I am, but that looks like Six Flags' Viper or Great American Scream Machine. Just thought that was a little odd.

  11. While I can't find the specific photos to back me up, something to note of Sonny's Valley:

    The former loop stood at 118 feet tall at "ground level" (the bottom of the valley). On the midway right by the bathrooms and Thunder Alley, you could just barely see the top of the loop through the lift hill structure. Also, the station (where the Haunt attraction, Wolf Pack, resides now) rests a good 60-70 feet off the ground from the Valley, even though it sits at just above eye level from the Action Zone midway. Lastly, Adventure Express's lowest point - the dip before the turn into the final tunnel, I believe - is still maybe 10-20 feet higher than what Sonny's lowest point was at the bottom of the 214-foot drop.

    Most of this conjecture is speculative; I'm only basing this from memory riding Sonny and Adventure Express numerous times and just looking at the surroundings.

    If that valley is nearly 100ft deep, then a giga coaster with a 400ft drop would be feasible. Not saying that thats probable by any means, just saying its possible, and would be pretty outstanding in my opinion. Not to try to sound like one of those crazy giga coaster enthusiasts or anything either.

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  12. I am considering applying to work at Kings Island but there are a few questions I have first. I am 18 years old, I'm currently in school and will be back in school next fall, I live a considerable distance from KI, and I have no prior job experience. I want to work at the park simply because I love the place and would be extremely happy working there. However, I do live a considerable distance from the park meaning I would probably not be able to work all of the time and I'd be using a lot of gas to get there and back everyday. Another issue is that I am going off to college towards the end of August next year and without a car I will not be able to work at all. Do they offer weekends jobs or ones that do not schedule me every day? or would they even hire me due to the fact of me having to leave towards the end of the summer? or would it be worth my time to drive down there to work if i get the job? (My commute would be close to an hour) If anyone has any input I would love to hear it!

  13. We have to be getting something big along with a renovation. There needed to be something to replace the Son of Beast, they removed Thunder Alley which was right on the midway and wasn't hurting anything (nothing justify's its removal), and now the water towers gone? Going into the 2013 season, it would seem that the Action Zone will be in shambles, prompting that there will be AT LEAST a renovation. And due to time and ride removal, I'd say KI is due for a new coaster. I'm almost positive 2014 yields a new coaster or a large thrill ride.

    P.S.-I'd absolutely love to see the return of adventure village.

    Low ridership, cost of fuel wouldn't justify it's removal?

    Since we all are predicting....I predict at least one more removal of something...whether it be building or attraction. I predict the area to be a little bit more open.

    I personally cannot wait to see what AZ will look like this year.

    Yea I thought of that, but even if that is true, you don't just remove the ride, at least not with a replacement. Son of Beast was a rotting eyesore that hadn't operated in years, and was away from the midway. TA on the other hand, was a running ride right off the AZ midway. Even if it was losing money, it would not be a good marketing stand point for the park to simply remove it being that an operating ride looks better than adding a mud pit to an already 'lackluster' area of the park. Even if its losing money, it would be a good decision to have a replacement ready before demolition. Now SoB is a little different being that its footprint is in a secluded area of the park that cannot easily be seen while walking down a major midway.
    Essentially what shark6495 just said.
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