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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. i loved it when it was called tomb raider that was the best ride ever i road that the day after i got married. i wished they would bring it back
  2. does anybody got or have any pic or videos of old rides from Kings Island [pki] if so i would love to see them to see what they were like. year 1972-2007 thanks
  3. i think its a joke i dont think its right for ppl to pay a high price for food. i rember when it was pki and the food was cheap i think Kings Island should go back to the way it was back to pki. pki was alot cheaper then cf. god how i miss pki
  4. so if the peanuts are sold whats going to happen to Planet Snoopy will they keep next year or will they have to change it
  5. i think that yesterday was not a good idea to have the water rides open with it being cold
  6. well i they do alot better me and my wife had the worst lunch ever we went to the back lot stunt grill we had to sent back are hamburgers 3 times they were iced cold i think the put them on way to earily and also i think that Kings Island should make better rids for big and tall ppl im talking about a better fit i went on The Beast loved the ride but its a very tigh fit i got off the ride when it was done and im still hurtting my ribs hurt and my hip. does anybody eles agree
  7. well it looks like it was not a good day for Kings Island for most of the rids to be shut down or broke down i hope they get them fixed for next week on the 23 24
  8. thats ture but why eles would most of the shut be shut down today just wondering. oh well
  9. im just guessing it was closed because of the cold weather
  10. me and my wife went to the stunt crew cafe for lunch i had to send my sandwitch back 3times because it was cold and my fries where very salty. my wifes was sent back to
  11. I doubt that most members on here would know why it was down, and anyone who did know is not allowed to post that information pubically... [/qoh ok thank you i was just wondering thats all
  12. what happen to the Flight of Fear why did it shut down for 30mins did someone get sick
  13. It has been confirmed that Action Theater will have a new 3D show next year, but information has not been released on what the show might be. Look for it to be released by April 4th.

    And welcome to KICentral!

  14. hey why are you bashing me. i dont come on here an bash you. i was just wondering ok
  15. does anybody know the new name of the old spongebob squarepants 3d ride
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