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Holiday World crowds in late August on a Sunday?

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OK, is this a joke? 3 times now, I have ALMOST gone to Cedar Point. I was building excitement when suddenly, 2 weeks before the trip was to take place, my best friend tells me he has to work that weekend and HE WAS OUR RIDE THERE! So I suggested we delay the trip 1 week, and guess what? My sister has to start school by then! UGH! Cedar Point, why do you avoid me like this!?!?


However, I am not that upset, as a new plan has emerged: Holiday World. MUCH cheaper than Cedar Point and also closer. And we don't need to go for 2 days. I was just wondering, how crowded are they on Sundays in late August? My last (and only previous) trip, I went on Memorial Day Weekend on a Saturday. The park closed at 8:30, and besides waiting 2+ hours for Wildebeest, the longest I waited for anything in the "dry" park was 15 minutes for Legend. Using the "general" rule of thumb, they close an hour EARLIER this time, so should I expect lighter crowds? I'd like to ride Wildebeest with less than a 30-minute wait...the exact day we are aiming for is Sunday, August 21st.

PS: No need for "ride this!" tips and stuff...as stated earlier, I have been to Holiday World before. I know what to expect from the rides and all.

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Well, it WAS pretty packed when I visited on Memorial Day too...but, it was hot out and the waterpark was far more crowded than the dry park. For example:


The Voyage: 10-20 minute wait


Watubee, a "regular" waterslide: 45 minutes

Wildebeest, the "big new" water coaster: 2+ hours!

I guess I should expect something similar again? Now, these wait times were for the waterpark around noon-2PM when it was the most packed, they dropped considerably by 6:00-6:30 when I rode ZOOMbabwe and Zinga with under 15 minute waits.

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