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Kings Island 2011: Year in Review Poll


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Well, the regular season is nearly over and Boomerang Bay is about to operate for the final time under that name. Soon, the park will go into Halloween Haunt, and that means the offseason draws closer. And it's time for my annual "how good was this year" poll? I wanted to do this earlier but decided to wait for the "2012" announcement first.

Basically, there are 2 questions: how good do you think the park did this year, and what do you think the most noteworthy events were? Enjoy the poll. If you dislike, click back. And yes, there will be one of these again in 2012...and 2013, if the world doesn't end. :mellow:

Comments welcome too.

UPDATE: Forgot about the addition of the new ride soundtracks this season. Added it as a choice.

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SoB sitting SBNO, Vortex down for weeks, and WindSeeker opening late while the park nickle and dimed it's guests with a kiddie dinosaur attraction,parking fee increases, admission price increases, and fastlane. Not to mention the opening day fiasco! By far the worst year in recent memory for guests, but a very good year for a company that was able to give its patrons less for more!

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^ Because SoB hasn't been SBNO, chains never break on any other coasters, and only our WindSeeker was delayed. I much rather have SoB SBNO, Vortex down a few weeks, and WindSeeker delayed, if that means the park is making sure the rides are 100% safe before finding out the hard way, i.e. SoB.

Amazing how a few minor things can make people forget about the many many more good things the park did.

Also about the pricing, how dare KI and CF even attempt to make a profit, they should just let everything be free.

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Ill definately say i had a good visit. Being 3 hours away i dont visit as much as id like. But im making an effor to change that. For the first time ever We bought season passes for 2012. And like everyone else im hoping for 2012 to be geat. The only negitive thingsI can say about my trip was it was Hot.... The Vortex was still broke down. I rode the Diamondback for the first time and really enjoyed it. But the wait times were to long and we only rode it one time and that was right as the park opened. Now on the other hand i would normaly ride The Vortex 5 or 6 times. Oh yeah the other major issue is SOB. It would be nice to know KI plans to reopen or destroy it. But all in all 2011 has been good and im hoping my visit on Oct. 15 is good one. Never been during the HAUNT but im hoping for short waits for the rides and Im considering a Fright pass but they are a little expensive. 40 bucks a person for saturday is a little to much. Now if they said all money made would be used to save SOB or maybe build a new attraction maybe it wouldnt be so bad. But for next year im gonna shoot for 5 to 6 visits.

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