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Child flies out of water slide at new Dublin CA water park

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80 degree "speed slide" type and was only open to public for 90 minutes

The story reports he just scratched up his shoulder but the video is rather dramatic and could have been much worse.   

It looks to me like his legs were close together if not actually crossed when he hits the splashdown but not sure.  I know sometimes I have difficulty keeping my legs crossed especially on the trap door slides where instinctively I uncross them. 

This kid will always have a good story to tell in line.  


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I can't believe how crazy some of the slides in the 80s and 90s were.  Wyandotte Lake by the Columbus Zoo had these two 80 or 90 foot slides that barely had a six inch wall on the sides.  One went almost straight down and the other had hills.  I would never ride those things today...but back then...was all about them. The darn tower would heavily sway when windy.  Deathtraps I say.  Still alive though.

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