Coasterstock has become the GOAT of coaster events and is a Kings Island enthusiasts dream come true. This event is 2 days of non-stop morning and night exclusive ride time (ERT), behind-the-scenes photo and video opportunities, unlimited digital photos, catered meals, guest speakers, and fun contests. This event is exclusive to coaster club members from the following clubs.

  1. American Coaster Enthusiasts
  2. Coaster Crew Platinum
  3. European Coaster Club
  4. Florida Coaster Club
  5. Great Ohio Coaster Club
  6. Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain
  7. Western New York Coaster Club

You must be a member of one these clubs to register and attend.

With Kings Island filling attendee’s day with 16 hours or more of nonstop fun, you are sure to go home needing to take a few naps! At a typical Coaststock, attendees start getting in the parking lot at 7:00AM and starting their day with fresh donuts and rides opening to just them starting at 8:30 AM in certain areas of the park. After that they are scheduled for a behind the scenes tour, a catered lunch, a Beast walk back tour, then another guest speaker presentation, and lastly another 1 1/2 hrs of ERT after the park closes to the general public. That is just the first day of Coasterstock.

On day two, if attendee’s feet allow it, ERT starts up again at 8:30 AM in certain areas of the park until 10:00 AM. After that, they are scheduled for a behind the scenes tour of the trains, lights on walk though of a Haunt attraction, another walk back tour, a catered dinner with guest speakers and lastly another 2 hrs of ERT after the park closes to the general public.

On that last ride of the 2-day event, it is hard making it back to your car to leave the park. At the same time, you do not want all the fun you have had to end and immediately start looking forward to the next years event.

Unfortunately, there will not be a Coasterstock in 2024.

In 2023, Kings Island Central and the Kings Island Season Pass holders admin (Brad Perdue and Chris Hughes) honored Don Helbig for his commitment to the enthusiast community for organizing Coasterstock over the years at Kings Island.

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Coasterstock 2023

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