Camp Snoopy – New in 2024!

Get ready for an epic adventure with Snoopy and the Gang at the all-new Camp Snoopy at Kings Island. Unleashing its charm this spring, this expansion of the acclaimed Planet Snoopy kids’ area boasts Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers — a thrilling family roller coaster that takes you on a race both forward and backward.

Other rides in Camp Snoopy for young thrill seekers and their parents to enjoy together include Franklin’s Flyers, Woodstock’s Air Rail, Charlie Brown’s Rushing River Log Ride, and Linus Launcher.

Plus, don’t miss out on the Beagle Scout Acres, a haven where kids can explore, play, and chill in a shaded oasis with the whole family. Join the fun and make unforgettable memories at Camp Snoopy!

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Camp Snoopy Rides

Beagle Scout Acres


Embark on an adventure in Beagle Scout Acres — the ultimate playground for kids to run, crawl, play, and chill with the family in a cozy shaded haven. Dive into a campsite wonderland filled with turfed mounds, lush grassy spaces, interactive equipment that unleashes playful sounds, tents perfect for climbing through or over, and follow the footprint paths crafted by Woodstock and his pals. It’s a whimsical retreat where every step spark excitement and every moment are a memory in the making!

Charlie Brown’s Rushing River Log Ride


Replacing the old name of Race for Your Life Charlie

Franklin’s Flyers


Replacing the old name of Woodstock Gliders

Linus Launcher


New retheme to Camp Snoopy.

Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers

Rev up the excitement with Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers. A thrilling twist on the classic soap box racing derby! Picture this: parents and kids hop onto their favorite Peanuts-themed soap box coaster cars, soaring up a 70-foot hill to the starting line. With Snoopy waving the checkered flag, riders zoom forward, navigating heart-pounding twists and turns, racing past the camp lookout station toward the finish line. But hold on tight! Just when victory seems near, the entire soap box car train defies expectations, rolling backward through the same course in reverse. Get ready for a roller coaster ride like no other!

Woodstock’s Air Rail


Replacing the old name of Flying Ace Aerial Chase

Camp Snoopy Food

Pigpen’s Mess Hall


Stop in and grab an all beef hotdog, cheesy mettwurst, or chicken tenders.

You can get a side of either mac n cheese, ranch potato salad, cole slaw, saratoga chips, or veggie sticks

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