Charlie Brown’s Rushing River Log Ride

Former Names: Race for Your Life Charlie Brown (2010 – 2023), Wild Thornberry’s River Adventure (2001-2009 ), Kings Island as the Kings Mills Log Flume (1972-1999)

Opened in*: 1968-1971 at Coney Island

Cost: $500,000

Height of lifts: 1st: 30 feet

2nd: 40 feet

Length of trough: 1,387 feet

Ride Length: 3 minutes, 5 seconds

Number of Logs: 23, with a capacity of 4-5 guests per log

Manufactured by: Arrow Dynamics

Renovated by: O.D. Hopkins

Depth of water in Trough: 18-20 inches

Reservoir Depth: 4 feet

Location: Planet Snoopy

Ridership: 46,133,661 riders since 1972, 4th most in park history. Its record year was 1973 when 2,267,188 rides were taken. (Numbers through the 2019 season).

Miscellaneous: This ride was featured in the Brady Bunch episode in 1973.