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  1. Do we know what was in the lockbox?
  2. Super interesting... Maybe it's gonna be called The Great Escape and there will be theming to each area along the track LoL. Honestly though I bet all those spots have had "sightings" of some sort
  3. They seemed to.figure out a solution for that on The Beast 40th Anniversary t shirt giveaway.
  4. Hmmm... Closed for mechanical reasons or to keep things hidden for a short period of time???????
  5. This is quite interesting. There's definitely songs on there that dont play at the park. Wonder if there still some hinting going on.
  6. Ok well this officially sucks. I can't leave til after work which would put us there after 8 and since the park closes at 8 I'm guessing we would be denied entry right?
  7. Ok so my thoughts and opinions on the details released.... 1. Haunted Mazes - No new haunted mazes is kinda upsetting however I'm glad to see that Field of Screams is returning. Super excited to see C.H.A.O.S returning too I enjoyed it last year. I really hope it is tied into the new coaster somehow. I would really like to see Wolfpack and Backwoods Bayou either revamped or changed into something new... Madame Fatales could use some more as well.I just feel like they could be better. 2. Scare Zones - Seems like they focused hard on these this year. I was impressed with the Pumpkin Eater last year. The theming was nice and had a backstory and everything. There were also a couple really good costumes and make-up designs. I hope this list of new zones is heavily themed and a lot put into them like they did Pumpkin Eater. Scare zones have great potential..... However they can be a bit disappointing. I can't even think of the name but the one in Action Zone last year really seemed to fail to me. The times I was there there were 3-4 people walking around in hazmat suits and noise makers. One visit it never even opened. Something else that seemed to happen a lot last year was scare actors standing in groups and chatting to eachother which was super frustrating. Something else I noticed last year, and maybe I just picked bad days to visit, was the lack of scare actors. Seeing how the Haunt is only Fridays and Saturdays there really shouldn't be any "bad days" to go. I hope they focus on consistency this year escpecially with promising new areas that have been announced. 3. Sinister Shows - So we have Monster Rock which is usually a good show and Haunted Homecoming coming back. I hope to see some tweaks to both shows but enjoy both of them. Not gonna lie though I miss Hot Blooded. Which brings me to the last show..... Drums of the Dead...... Not sure why Blood Drums isn't returning but find it odd that the replacement for them is another drum core. Nothing against drums but with them moving on from Blood Drums I'd like to have seen some other type of Halloween type band/show go in right there. In all honesty there needs to be one of not two more shows and I'd like to see a small scary play instead of all musicals. I love The Haunt. It's probably my favorite time of the year at Kings Island. It's not terribly hot, plenty of time to get night rides in, the fog rolling through the park, all of it really. That being said I really wish they'd bring the Skeleton Key back with the Fright Lane. I love the collector Key and the extra rooms I was pretty upset to see them go. I'd also like to see them do another Escape Room with the key or at least a show or.something in the Theatre that goes unused during the Haunt. I know it wouldn't happen but how amazing would a Halloween Cirque show be??!! Anyway interested to hear everyone else's feelings on it all.
  8. So today the 2019 Haunt details were released. It looks like there are no new haunted mazes this year however they seem to have really focused on scare zones. Haunted Homecoming and Monster Rock returns and the Blood Drums are being replaced by... Wait for it.... Drums of the Dead.... So what's everyone think of it all? Just seen another topic like this was made elsewhere I apologize please remove... Well it appears that the other one was made in January???.... And in a different section.... Maybe you can move the other post to this section since the Haunt is now pretty much here so.it can get more.focus ADMINS please advise... J
  9. I haven't been to every announcement.... Has the park ever did an announcement on a Friday?
  10. Ok so a Friday without a new teaser.... Maybe we will see some announcement invitations or an announcement date pop up. At least I'm hoping.
  11. Mr Chamberlain mentions not being able to cover things up with TAPE anymore..... Anyone have pictures of the posters after the tape has been removed? I recall someone saying all the tape has been removed... At least I think.
  12. To be honest I wouldn't count the teasing done until we get a date for the announcement. I think there's a possibility we can see some more.
  13. Hmmmmm..... Does it look similar to the lit up spots on the brain on the Invertigo poster.
  14. They did a great job on this video and I hope they do one for a back story on Project X... Not sure how likely that is though
  15. So wonder if there is a possibility that all taped spots will be removed a little later to reveal something useful or if it I indeed just covering mistakes? I really cant see that many mistakes being made....
  16. I'll couple of things real quick... So this leaves number 10 (X) in the sequence right? If so I'm guessing that will be a Project X Poster with an announcement date. Second is there a place that has all the posters in one spot instead of flipping through numerous pages?
  17. Fingers crossed we get the announcement date today so we can start planning for a trip up to catch it!!!
  18. Wonder why 2 posters today?
  19. After MT's announcement you were able to purchase Mysti shirts that's all I remember though.
  20. Maybe all this storm Area 51 was Kings Islands doing and thats the announcement date.
  21. Please disregard the quote I hit it accidentally and can't delete it for some reason. Alright, now on with my post. Don't get me wrong I love the teasers and think they are really fun but I wouldnt be mad if they didn't tease anything. However I really hope they give at least a months notice ahead of time for the announcement. They honestly IMO should let people know more in advance. For those of us who don't live close by it can be hard to make arrangements with only a month notice especially since announcements usually fall during the work week. For the love of the coaster gods please just give us a date for the announcement.
  22. Until she rode it....
  23. It sure if it's a troll or someone who's new and just overly excited.... But I came in here to ask is there (I'm sure here is) a scientific break down as to which seats give more air time and exactly how does that work?
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