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  1. I am absolutely open to joining any of the ride crews, especially any of the coasters considering that's what my experience at Dollywood mostly consisted of. I really enjoy working in that environment with the excitement levels. I'm glad to hear the policies with Kings Island aren't outdated and they seem to correlate for the most part with other theme parks I've looked into. The tattoo thing is not really an issue, as I stated before I can easily cover it being that it is very small and non-offensive anyway. The facial hair policy sounds par for the course too and also should not be a problem for me. I do have a small, full, but well-trimmed beard, however I am flexible on keeping it how it is. I was just concerned that they'd require me to clean shave entirely, which would be a bummer lol
  2. Hi all, I am planning on attending the job fair this Saturday for the upcoming season. I will be trying to get a position with the Rides department. I have plenty of experience in the industry, working for several seasons at Dollywood in my home state of Tennessee. My question is in regards to employee policies at Kings Island. At Dollywood, no tattoos could be visible, but my wrist was easily covered up. My big concern is Kings Island's policy on facial hair. I've read online that for many years, the park required you to be completely clean shaven, not just well-kept. Is this still the policy? And what constitutes too much facial hair, i.e is 1 day stubble going to keep me from employment? Any answers from folks who have worked there or currently work there, or anyone else who has knowledge about the topic will be really appreciated. Thanks for the help
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