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  1. I’ve sat on this all day. Haha. While I absolutely do not doubt you, I’m just curious why park officials wouldn’t remove the “memorial” placed by an operator (I assume), and not by the marketing or advertising team. Granted, I’m not as familiar with in park operations as most of you, but it just doesn’t sound like something management or supervision would be ok with. Unless your friend caught wind of upcoming expansion plans and the teaser/poster campaign, made their own little addition to speculation, marketing approved it, and it was left there.
  2. So, I’ve been reading this page for YEARS now and this is the thread that finally prompted me to join. Here is my input.... I understand that at this point everything is just speculation. Cool. Could be nothing. Could be something. The thing that stands out most to me though, other than the teaser posters, is the wood at the memorial in the Banshee queue. I recall it being stated that someone knew the employee/operator that placed it there and that it meant nothing. My question is, where did this person obtain said wood? I don’t imagine that here are just random pieces of wood lying around there (I could be wrong). I can’t see that park management allowing any random employee to bring large pieces of wood in the park to stage as memorial. Just doesn’t seem likely. In the event that there was (wood lying around), I can’t imagine that just ANY park employee would have access to it. This would pose potential safety hazards if there were any nails or sharp pieces left behind. Anyways, without rambling on my first post, I’ll sum it up with this.... I’ve been going to this park for 30 years. If this is their new campaign for teasing a new or revived coaster, then it’s pure genius on their marketing teams behalf. Hats off to CF for keeping it fresh.