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  1. What would that consist of? A giant pile of crap and that’s it. Ha
  2. They as in Intamin can only improve for sure. But let’s be honest...no B&M will have a 3 hour wait bc if their capacity for riders as well as reliability...I get the point but that would never happen haha. Have heard SV is amazing from my brother though
  3. Never said I wasn’t willing to ride them haha. I just don’t have a lot of patience I suppose. I agree B&M will have to ate their game eventually but reliability will always reign over something that hasn’t been done before but never runs. I should add I haven’t been to CP in years so that explains not getting on TTD haha. 5 hour drive from Indy compared to 2 for KI...would like to go back eventually though. I tell my wife all the time she hasn’t see anything in size of rides until she visits CP.
  4. I’m all for an RMC at some point but they seem to be prone, like Intamin, to breakdowns. Some of that can be attributed to them being a newer company but I’ll take a B&M that I can actually ride all day. Not worth waiting hours and hours bc a ride breaks down all the time. It’s happened a ton when I tried to ride TTD at the point and still haven’t gotten on it
  5. 50 stalls and there will still be a wait for the women’s restroom! Haha
  6. Haha that would make for one helluva ride!
  7. Why do I feel like I’m listening to the soundtrack of Bloodsport in the background? Going way back with that one...willing to bet most young people have no clue what I’m talking about ha
  8. This thread has become just downright delusional. Makes me wonder if anyone actually gets anything done at work with the amount of “I’m disappointed it’s not a true giga” comments ha
  9. That’s what she said
  10. Way to stay positive haha.
  11. I know everyone wants a record breaker but a 300+ foot coaster will make anyone wet themselves. Yes it would be nice to break a record but I’m happy with what ever we get.
  12. Care to translate for us non construction people
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