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  1. i was planning to go to the park for a bit just to check out clearing and get some rides in. post pics if you get some!
  2. i dont get how people can still think its not a giga at this point. also if any other manufacture was building in 2020 it would have been filed with the city. B&M is our manufacture and there is giga track at the plant as well a MASSIVE clearing at KI. i understand keeping your hopes in check but really there is not much speculating to do if you ask me. we are getting a giga for 2020. the real question is what the theme/color will be and maybe some layout predictions.
  3. seriously how many people do i have to respond to on this. im just saying its a trend CF seems to be following and that i think in my OPINION that KI should build a record breaker
  4. im not disagreeing really with anyone here. im just staing that i think KI should go all out if possible on this project
  5. im saying alot of parks have there killer coaster that you cant experience anywhere else. CP has a ton but lets just say its SV and TTD. Six Flags Great Adventure has El Toro and Ka, Magic Mountain has X, Carowinds has Fury, KD has I305, CW has Leviathan and so on. im not saying Diamondback and Banshee weren't great additions but i dont think either are worth traveling for. The Beast is. mystic is. this giga will be i imagine. more importantly and to the actual point i was trying to make i think this will likely be a record breaker. why not build it a little higher, a little longer, faster etc. than what came before it? it just makes good marketing sense. and even then im not saying it HAS to be a record breaker either. if its just a 300ft giga i will still be ecstatic that im getting such a coaster in my backyard.
  6. ah nice find. i couldnt read that for some reason
  7. no it doesnt but lets be honest. its Cedar Fair. almost everything in like the past like 10 years has been a record breaker of some kind. we both could be right or wrong. either way im super excited
  8. currently i see no reason why the last cedar park that could reasonably get a giga wouldn't just go all out and make it the tallest fastest and longest now that the other gigas have had there time to shine . if you ask me KI needs a coaster that really puts it on the map. sure we have The Beast but even that isn't universally loved like fury 325 for example. do we know if this is painted grey track or if this is just primed? im still hoping we dont get a grey giga
  9. i mean if you ask me these kind of stats make sense. Cedar Fair likes to break its own records and i think it only makes sense from a marketing standpoint to build something taller and longer than Fury 325.
  10. hi Steven! hopefully you know who i am!
  11. looks great! im personally hoping we get some sort of blue or the kind of green you have in the pic. im a little nervous cause there is gray B&M track outside of clermont steel fabricators and i could certainly see some sort of space themed giga going to xbase with gray track. im personally hoping that the gray track isn't ours and we get something more colorful
  12. yaaas should only be a little bit longer before we see something more than land clearing!
  13. obviously the layout might be different but i think you got the station, lift and general course the track will go pretty much the same way i see it going. Edit: i just hope the color scheme is not blue and purple like Banshee haha
  14. yea i was sort of hoping this coasters lift would be in a different direction so the skyline looks more varied and cool. but thats a small price to pay for a kick ass coaster coming to your home park!
  15. you heard it here first folks!
  16. to me there is really only one option here. it almost has to be a giga considering the amount of space being cleared. A dive machine could be possible certainly as well as a wing but i think we are in for a real treat for 2020. All i can say is i love that we are back in speculation season
  17. As a former ride op at KI dont get to caught up in the things that hourly workers say over mics and what not. KI doesn't not disclose info about a coming attraction to its seasonal employees. the ride op at mystic was likely a coaster enthusiast like us but trying to troll us. i know the guy who made the banners when the "number 5 is alive" posters were making their rounds last year. He was absolutely the kind of guy that would put up fake posters just to troll the coaster community. i didn't really like him that much to be honest haha
  18. i think you are absolutely correct
  19. yea i would take a giga over flats any day. KI IMO is still needs some killer modern rides and im hoping this giga will provide that. generally speaking im never too impressed with B&M these days though so i will remain cautiously optimistic
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