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  1. LOL! That is exactly what I told the guys at work. We are expendable
  2. I am over it and ready to go ride. The death rate is turning out to be very low and 40% of that number is because of idiots that sent covid patients to nursing homes. I am ready to open all of it
  3. I have REALLY bad allergies and also asthma. I have to wear a mask all the time in the summer when I mow grass. I am all to familiar with wearing masks in 90+ degree temperatures. I will wear a mask to do what I have to do. I am not wearing one to do what I don't have to do.
  4. I will not be going if I have to wear a mask. That or loose it somewhere after I get in.
  5. Where did you learn math? The number of total deaths each one has is not the death rate. More people will have this virus than the flu bug likely so obviously more people will die in total. That does not mean it is more deadly, just that it is more contagious
  6. There have been many factors that have been proven wrong or missing to come up with your 5.6%. You are not know to know for at least another year but the death rate is going WAY down as more information is gathered.
  7. I did not say that our precautions have not contributed to not getting it. I am talking about the death rate. There are NO precautions that will affect the death rate because that is only figured from people that got it. These are two completely different things. If 100 people got it or 1,000,000 people got it, the death rate will be the same low number after this is done. No reason to not take personal precautions to not get it at all. I don't want it either. Just no need to fear the death rate unless you have a condition that puts you at higher risk.
  8. I know I am ready for it to open. The more and more information coming out, this has been WAY overblown. I would be willing to bet my season passes that after this is all said and done, maybe another year roughly, we will see the death rate here in the US will be right close to the same amount as the flu bug and very likely less. It is for sure more contagious and obviously nobody wants sick in any way but it is not looking like the killer we were told it was.
  9. I bought them in 1987. Never used them at all. The bumper sticker has the end curled up a little but is still not hurt really. I have buttons also from the same year for The Vortex and White Water
  10. There is far more dangers involved with all this than the virus. There is far to much bad information out there that has a bad agenda. People need to back off the one sided thought because we have a mutual enemy and more than just the virus. Large amounts of the bad information is being started in other countries that don't like us. They know it will form a wedge between people here.
  11. Only recommendations, not that you have to. Wearing a mask in public is to protect others and not necessarily yourself
  12. Not sure who said that but height is really a non issue as far as capability goes. They can go as high as they want with a chain but it may be less money with other options. Just need an electric motor large enough to run it and you can get electric motors large enough to turn a chain as high as you could make a structure.
  13. I tried to find this is a search but can't. With a gold pass, are there only certain days you can bring a friend or is it any day? Is it only 4 friends one time per pass for the entire year? I would assume you can't bring a friend as many times as you want for $19.99? Just like a little more information on how this works.
  14. Sad to see it closing up. I am only 2.5 hours from there but only ever been one time. I sure wish now that I would have went last year because of the nostalgia of the place. I was at a car club gathering in the front lot 2 years ago but didn't even go in.
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