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  1. Does anyone know roughly how much the train would weigh empty? Are there other trains close enough to this one that would give an idea of the weight?
  2. Not likely since The Vortex is 33 years old and getting shut down
  3. I so badly wanted to ride it but I was not tall enough at the time. I was so sad when they took it out. I have one of the Frisbee's somewhere.
  4. How long does a lift chain last? I would assume they would last a really long time but assuming makes an a$$ out of me now and then. Just curious if anyone has any information on this?
  5. This day and age it would not surprise me. Many people today don't know what it is like to have to work hard in any conditions.
  6. This picture don't show them capped off. I would assume they are cut very perfectly flush with the outside brace so that they don't have a gap. If so, I almost wonder if they leave a slight overhang, maybe .010, to get a solid crush together? I know nothing, I am just thinking out loud. Just hard to imagine they butt together but I am sure you are right
  7. Question on assembly, When they bolt two pieces of track together, do they weld the smaller tubes together that the wheels roll on and then grind them down? Are they male and female and slip together? Never thought about that before but I am assuming that with them painted all ready, they are not welding them? If not welded, how do they keep water from getting inside? Would love to know the more specific details of how things go together
  8. This may not be allowed. This was from the first year they had cameras on The Vortex. We found the cameras and decided to do this. Back then they would let you buy the pictures like this. I can't remember what that year was but I know it was the first year the cameras were installed.
  9. Now I am sad I did not ride it this year. We went two times and is the first two times I never went on it. It has gotten a little to rough for me and I am to the point I have to choose between it or The Beast for one ride and I will never choose something else over The Beast. I can ride the smooth stuff over and over but I am just getting old, lol. Now I want to go back ASAP but I don't think I can
  10. Funny, it looks like the first support is as tall as The Racer.... Boy how times change!
  11. Looks to me like the first piece that transitions into the lift hill just pulled in and headed to the crane?
  12. Did very many people like Firehawk? I rode it one time and thought it was rather boring and never rode it again. Maybe it was just the day I was there but the line was really slow moving also. I was really happy when I heard it was getting replaced with something new.
  13. On bring a friend, Are they allowed the early access also or do they wait till the official opening?
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