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  1. The red Racer put the hurts on me this year. Only rode it one time. I wanted to try the blue Racer but every time I was close to it, the blue one was not running.
  2. We got our kids Kings Island Gold passes for Christmas and I am not very creative. Do I just give them in a gift card tin or does someone have a fun idea of how to wrap them?
  3. Does anyone know what the fee is to rent an ECV at Kings Island? We got Gold passes for next year and just found out that my wife has to have major back surgery in January. She will be on her feet by then but will not be able to walk more than a mile from what we are told. She does not ride any rides but still likes to go along with us around the park. I looked on the Kings Island site but only see limited information about it. Also wondering how far around the park it will go? Do the batteries last long enough to make it around the far end of the park and back one time or two times or? Any information or experience you have with this would be great!
  4. I have enjoyed roller coasters since I was roughly 8 years old, (early 80's) and never really got excited about the latest and greatest. I just rode the next one on my yearly trip to KI. Only one I was crazy excited about was the original Bat but I was not tall enough to ride it before it was shut down. For some reason, this one has really gotten me going. I am so excited to ride it that I am going crazy. I averaged one trip to KI every other to every 3rd year but for the first time we got season passes for 2020. It is $50 in gas to get there and back each trip and I think we will be spending lots of gas money this year. May have to say in a nearby hotel a couple times. This thing looks incredible! I am not an engineer but do have experience with FMX riding on 150+ foot jumps. It sure looks to me that it will have some crazy air time.
  5. Google Earth shows right where DB highest point is roughly 749 feet and Orion is roughly 746 so it is nearly the same. Now, the bottom of Orion's hill is for sure lower elevation than DB. Looks like roughly 717 feet around the bottom of Orion's first drop
  6. I have never really been a fan of this one. It is ok but if it is a busy day I don't bother.
  7. Wow! 136 bolts just attaching the support to the track.
  8. Maybe this has been said but could it be because they are doing a documentary on its construction and don't want people to see?
  9. Does anyone know roughly how much the train would weigh empty? Are there other trains close enough to this one that would give an idea of the weight?
  10. Not likely since The Vortex is 33 years old and getting shut down
  11. I so badly wanted to ride it but I was not tall enough at the time. I was so sad when they took it out. I have one of the Frisbee's somewhere.
  12. How long does a lift chain last? I would assume they would last a really long time but assuming makes an a$$ out of me now and then. Just curious if anyone has any information on this?
  13. This day and age it would not surprise me. Many people today don't know what it is like to have to work hard in any conditions.
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