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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I was contacted by several people wanting to purchase these stickers. I have no idea what they are worth but decided to put them on eBay. I do have what I feel is a high opening bid on them but I am ok with keeping them if they are not worth that much. I have had them this long so I can have them that much longer if need be. I have other things from back then also I will list if I can find them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224243831083
  2. These discussions are always fun to watch. Just like my FMX days. You jump a bike or quad 100 foot distance on a kicker ramp and you could be 40+ feet in the air. You jump 100 feet on a tabletop and you are only 10 foot and maybe less in the air. Either way, you jumped 100 feet.
  3. I just told my girls about the water that would spray in the tunnel. They said they want it to come back. Only one cannon was working Monday. The ones closer to the end were not working. I love these rides also. We went on it 5 times and the log ride one time just before we left.
  4. It did not feel like it pulled me over the top like Diamondback does. It for sure went over the top much quicker than the front but I did not feel that strong pull over like Diamondback does. I maybe need to ride it back there again and see
  5. What a great time. The masks suck but other than that we really enjoyed ourselves. Orion is so incredible and is my first giga. Sadly, the wind blew my youngest girls mask down under her nose and half way off her mouth. The picture shows her grabbing it and was funny looking because she had such a concerned look on her face. The sad part is, they would not allow us to have a copy of that picture because the mask was not over her mouth. Even the lady thought it was a great picture because of the concerned look she had. Still what a ride! I wish they didn't cost $30 Million so they could build m
  6. I was able to ride it 3 more times. I usually prefer the front half of a train on most roller coasters but I jumped on the next to last seat and this was incredible. I love the back on Orion! What an amazing ride!
  7. I am confused on this. Can I bring a friend for the special deal with Gold pass members on any day? Say Monday August 4rd? Tomorrow? What is that price? I have 4 gold passes, is it 4 people per gold pass that can come? Do they just show up with us? I have 5 friends that we want to bring but was not sure how this works and not sure I am understanding what I read. Thanks
  8. I am not a fan of this one. I have never been on it and the darn gun work other than the very first year. I love a good dark ride but this one just don't do it for me.
  9. I agree that a dark ride is essential to a park for the overall park experience. Not ever going to be a primary attraction but needs to be there. Like a carousel, Not a primary attraction but needs to be there. All these add up to a really good park.
  10. Thanks everyone. I assumed that would be the case but with all the silliness these days you never know
  11. I have searched and can't find this information. Looks like my girls want to go back before school starts. We are thinking about going one evening and stay over night and all day the next day. We can't get there till around 6:00 PM though. I know that is only 2 hours left to the day but wanted to know if we can still get in at that time. I can't find a phone number to call them and for some reason my computer is acting up and I can't get an email through to them. Only thing I am finding is tickets for after 3:00 so I know we can get in after 3:00 just not sure how late.
  12. What I never see reported is the fact that less then 1/2 of 1% of the US population has this virus. The others have already gotten over it or never had it yet.
  13. We were there Friday, my oldest girl was getting a drink of water at a water fountain and didn't step 3 feet from it before a security guy jumped all over her for not wearing her mask. I told him we were wearing them but she just took a drink of water and was in process of putting it on when he jumped her. We only went to ride Orion but my girls ended up riding Whitewater Canyon also. After that we were done. The mask was just to much to deal with. We will not go back till we can go without a mask. That or I will just keep it under my chin like so many others were doing. I had my hands in my f
  14. Just got home from the park. We drove 6 hours round trip just to ride this and here is my review as what you would call a GP rider. First, a little background. I am a former MX and FMX rider/racer and I am a one park wonder for the most part. Kings Island is my home park and has been since around 1980. I have been to Holiday World a few times as well but mostly for the water park. I also went to Cedar Point in 1997 but remember almost nothing of the place. Till now, Diamondback and Son of Beast were the two largest coasters I had ever ridden. For Orion, I absolutely loved it! That f
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