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  1. Would have to go MUCH faster than 70 MPH just to get it over the hump, lol. Maybe they could add counter weights to make it easier to get over the hump.
  2. I did not read all the replies and maybe someone has said this but it is FAR less expensive to maintain the rides to a very high safety standard than to have an accident. An accident not only cost money for injury, it costs far more in the reputation of not being a safe park. An amusement park could never exist if they were as dangerous as non riders claimed they were.
  3. It was a crime back then also. Like I said, we were stupid kids that should have been kicked out of the park.
  4. We went one time this year and found it 4 times in that one day. We did not say anything but did have to get up and move from where we were sitting. I can't stand smelling it.
  5. Instead of "People of Walmart" It will be the Smokers of KI. Could be fun to include all the stupid acts also
  6. In 2017 my wife and girl got BBQ at a place beside Mystic Timbers. My wife got sick and my youngest girl did not feel well after either. it was not a ride issue because my wife does not ride anything. I can't remember what the place was called but I got a hamburger and was not very good at all. I am wondering how this place compares to the BBQ at Coney BBQ or is it the same thing?
  7. They are set up many time to just go in their suits. I suppose there may be people do that here, lol
  8. So I print the Gold Pass ticket and take it to KI and they give me the passes there? Where do I go there to get them? I thought they would mail them to me but don't look like it. Will this same ticket get me free parking till I get the pass or do I have to pay parking the first time?
  9. So what happens if you loose the gold pas card? Is it registered to your name so that you can get a new one or are you just out of luck?
  10. Is it normal these days for them to auction off the first ride?
  11. Maybe this has already been said but just noticed that Thursday night will be a full moon... Maybe nothing to it but...
  12. I love that idea. They could even put up history boards for the people waiting in line. I think many adults would love it but you would have to have something more focused on the kids I believe. Maybe still do a history themed ride but somewhere like the old Days of Thunder building. By the way, what is that building and Tomb Raider buildings used for now?
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