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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. drewbari


    I typed this trip report, but I forgot to post it, LOL. On 8-31-2007 I went to the Bengal’s-Colts games. The Colts lost 14-6 BOO! We stayed at the Hyatt in downtown Cincinnati. On 9-1-2007, we went to Kings Island; we stayed at the Kings Island Resort. We rode the bus over to the park, and the 1st ride we rode was Rugrats Runaway Reptar. Then we rode The Beast. After we rode The Beast, I paid 25 cents to set on a vibrating Barrel. Then we rode Vortex, Shake Rattle and Roll, Spangebob Squarpants 3-D, Scrambler, Dodgems and Racer. Then I bought a navy blue shirt that said Kings Island; it looks like a college shirt. Then we went back to the room. We had lunch at Coasters. They had a pool table there, so I taught my brother how to play pool. Then we went back to the park. We rode Viking Fury, Adventure Express, and Wild Thornberrys Adventure. Then my brother won a Blue Scooby Doo at one of those squirt gun games. I was mad, because the girl started the game, but I was still paying. Then my brother rode Fairly Odd Coaster. While he was riding, I bought a Blue Ice Cream Cone. Then we rode Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle. Then my brother won a Winter Fest Teddy Bear at one of those guess your weight games. Then he had self-drawing done. Then I won a Winter Fest Snowman at my fav. game. It was that cup game, were you throw the ball in the colored cup. Then I won a blue monkey at the Whack a mole game. It took for every for the game to start, They guy kept asking my Mom to play the game. We almost just left. Then we rode Congo Falls. Then my brother got his picture with Scooby Doo. Then he bought a shot glass for his friend and a set of 4 shot glasses(for him self); the set included The Beast, Son of Beast, Drop Zone, and Delirium. Then we went back to the room, and watched the fire works. Then we went swimming in the indoor pool. Then Next day we went to Jingle Jims. Over all it was a nice trip.
  3. On 5-5-2007 my family and I went to Kings Island. We left around 9 AM EST, and got there around 11 AM EST. 1st we went to the Kings Island Resort and Conference Center, to get are bracelets so we could ride the shuttle bus over. When we got to the park, it was not as crowded as I thought it was going to be. 1st we headed back to River Town to do The Beast. It was not operating; the guy told me that they were hoping to have it running latter. So then we did Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad. Then we did White Water Canyon. I did not get wet, as usually, that was shocking. Then we checked back with The Beast and it still was not operating. So then we headed into Coney Mall. Then we did Shake Rattle and Roll. Then we got in line for a crowded Vortex, but the line moved quickly. After Vortex, we did Dodgem. Then we had lunch at Skyline Chili. I had a Coney dog with Chili Cheese fries. After Lunch we rode Scrambler. That’s a good ride to ride after lunch. LOL. Then we did Racer. Next we headed into Oktoberfest. Then we rode Adventure Express in the rain. They were calling it The Adventure Express: The Water Ride. After that we hit Viking Fury. Then brother tried to win a big ball at the crane machine at the Feast House. I got a refillable cup. Next we went into Action Zone. Then we got wetter on Congo Falls. After that we headed into International Street, to ride Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle. Then we went into Nickelodeon Universe to ride Wild Thornberry’s River Adventure. Then we got in line for The Beast, we are about to get on, and it quits again. I said to my brother, We don’t expect this crap from The Beast, but we except it from his son. LOL. Then we went to the emporium; I bought a shirt that said Authentic Kings Island Est. 1972. Then I bought a funnel cake. My brother lost, when he tired to play a basket ball game. He did not win at the football game either. Then I played against him in a water gun game, were you have to shot the target, I did badly on purpose so my brother would win. After that he started winning. We both won in the game were you throw a ball, and tried to get it to land in a colored cup. Then he beat me at Whack a mole. The prizes we won were a Reds Bear, Monkey, stuffed football, and stuffed dice. Then we went back to check on The Beast. It was running, so we rode it. Then we did Adventure Express again. We looked at Firehawk it looks like it is going to be a cool coaster. Then we went back and rode the shuttle bus back to the Kings Island Resort and Conference center, the next day we went to Jungle Jim’s. It was fun, and the park looks a whole latter better under Cedar Fair ownership. Here are my pictures, http://s62.photobucket.com/albums/h92/drewbari/
  4. I want to be in it. Will it stall this time?
  5. http://fodors.com/forums/pgMessages.jsp?fi...rt=0&keyword=77
  6. LOL, The are some good people.
  7. We left Indy around 1:00 PM EST and got to the Kings Island Resort and Conference Center around 2:30 PM EST on 7-20-2006. After we got unpacked we went out to eat at Coasters around 3:30 PM EST. I had a bacon cheeseburger with fries. Then we went swimming in the out side pool. Then we played TetherBall. The lake behind the Kings Island Resort looks like it is drying up. Then we went to the hot tub, and the indoor pool. Then we left, when all the little kids came in. We played thither ball again. Then round 9:30 PM EST, my Dad ordered a pizza from Pizza hut. I think he ordered too much. He order 1 sausage, peperrianie, and bacon pizza, 1 mushroom, and black olive pizza, 15 bread sticks, 3 tubs of Mariana sauce, and a bottle a Pepsi. We had top pick it up at the front desk too. So on the way we watched the fire works, They were a whole lot better this year. We went back to are room, and I was watching David Letterman, my brother turned it off on me, and started hitting me, saying I kept him awake. I got up around 9:00 AM EST on 7-21-2006. For breakfast I had orange juice, and muffins. While my Mom was getting ready, We played thither ball. Then we rode the bus over to the park. Son of Beast was the only ride not running that day. The 1st ride we rode was Viking Fury. Then we rode Adventure Express, and Delirium. As some of you remember, I all most dam near died back on 4-30-2006, when my 4 friends wanted to ride to Top Gun. I all most dam near died again, when my brother wanted to ride Top Gun. I fingered if I rode it; I could get a better look at Son of Beast. The train was still parked on the hill. Then we rode Racer, Scrambler, Dodgem, and Flight of Fear. I fit in Flight of Fear this time. It took about 5 min. though. LOL. Then we played a game, it was the boat game next to scrambler, my brother won, and to make me mad, he picked the Bengalis bear with the hoddie. So my Mom and I play played, and she won, it she picked the right prize, she picked the Colts bear with the hoodie. Then my brother started to whine, so we went back to our room. On the way back to the bus, we stooped at Paradise Island, and I got Strawberry smoothie, and my brother got an orange cream smoothie. When were in Coney Mall, I saw them changing one those signs. On the way back too the room we stooped at emporium, and I bought a blue coaster freak shirt, and my brother bought PKI Oply. When waiting for the bus, the bus broke down, so the picked us up in a nice air-conditioned van. The bus had some eltrcel problems. When we got back to the room we had lunch, and my Mom cut her finger open. We had smalimi, cheese, crackers, Pringles, pizza, bread sticks, and Pepsi. Then we went back to the park. The 1st ride we did this time was Awesome Aussie Twister. Then we did Bondi Pipeline, and Crocodile Run. Then we got in line for Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad. When we were in line, a little kid ask the worker, what’s wrong with Son of Beast. The worker was mean to him, he said I can’t tell you. I was like, he could have explained to him we he could not tell him. The kids Dad was standing right there too, they left, and walked back to River Town. When we got back to River Town we did White Water Canyon. Then we went back to the room. While waiting for the bus a white bus passed us and some ass hole throw a water bottle out of the window and it hit my Mom. Where is security when you need them? If we saw them we were going to report, but we never saw a security guard. LOL. When we got back to the room, we ate at Main Street Grill. On there buffet they had sailed, red potato, pork, stuffing, roast Beef, macaroni, and cheese, mini corn dogs, chicken negates, and smiley Potato. Then we went back to the park. At that time it was raining, and lighten. The bus driver said the rides were closed, and not operating. That bus was filled too. After he said all but 5 people got off. The funny thing was when we got over there; not all the rides were closed. LOL. On the ride over there the bus driver was talking about the Great Wolf Lodge. He said that doubt that they would put a new campground in because the land around the park was too valuable. When we got back to the park 1st ride we did was Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle. Then we did Avatar the last air bender. We wanted to do the Wild Thornberrys River Adventure, but it was still close, cause of lighten. Then we did Tomb Raider the Ride. After Tomb Raider the ride, all the rides were running again. Then we did Beast, Shake, rattle, and roll, Fantastic world of Hanna Barbera, and Vortex. Then we played the cup game, my brother bought 3 balls, I bought 6 balls, but we did not win any thing. Then the last ride we did was Congo Falls. Then we went back to the bus, then the fire works started, so we sat on the bus, and watched the fire works. Then were went back and My Brother, and I got a Mellow Yellow at Pizzeria. Then we went to sleep. On 7-22-2006, we got up, I had orange juice, and muffins for breakfast. Then we went to Jungle Jim’s. We got back to Indy at 2:30 PM EST, when I got to my room, I saw my dog had took all of the sheets off of my Bed. LOL. Over all it was a great trip, and here are my pictures http://s62.photobucket.com/albums/h92/drewbari/, PS. Hey ttdmfwtm the park was not crowded.
  8. You might be a PKI addict if you drive all the way from Indy 5 times a year.
  9. LOL, Good thing I was not going, and I would have that same problem too.
  10. I have rode SL before.
  11. It was in Coney Mall. One of the reasons it got removed was becase on June 8th 1991, a woman was riding the ride while she was drunk, she passed out, and fell out of the ride and died. Not many people rode it after that. It opened in 1990 and closed in 1995. As of now there is no ride in the place of this ride. We can still see the old line and whjere it used to be. In Coney Mall next to this food stand, I think it is called poneys, on the right side is were it used to be. Look on the history page for pictures of FC.
  12. I know that but what I am saying the travel channel should make a show all about PKI.
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