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  1. kong fu guy

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    how come my post keep on getin deleted
  2. i hate how this is going to work out :\ i hope they dont screw us over.i mean common whats a season pass if u cant vist all the parks :\.
  3. O boy it was fun today!??!?!?!?!?!?!? i rode SOB and boy that thing is still rough and i like it i rode every ride today in the backseat. Let me tell ya, Son of Beast was fun in the back seat, so was The Beast!..
  4. Its 7:15am here, geting ready and i'll be at the park today im gona ride and see what its like
  5. better not call it Soak City king island, what are they gona do with all the theme rides!!
  6. I heard, that TR:TR got tooken out (uncle henry knows what im talking about)
  7. nope^ the drop is 214" and the total height is 218" (confusing)
  8. Im back hey ya'lll on topic: does any one noicted that the trains look a little differnt ?? like really differnt?
  9. lol close your tag...and its will be fine this week.
  10. LOL.....its going to be perfect.
  11. Does it really matter what amount of post you have? I thought you left. welll I want to hit 200..and Im not going because of the snow.
  12. i might go sunday....and for all of you, me and dane pulled a joke on you . I reall have a girl friend. Any one might wanna meet (im not quiting pkic yet)(200)
  13. I neverd waited in line....My brother is handycap and I rides with him.(1 more post) and why would the park close when it was raining??I been there alot of times and it was raining and it didnt close.
  14. I love NL its good and I got 3D software modeling so its the funnest thing to do on pc (2 more post)
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