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  1. The King Cobra is definitly one I miss... Enchanted Voyage/Phantom Theatre were both great too.,. they should have kept them both.. The Theatre should have gotten it;s own building
  2. This guy was saying it was for a rollercoaster though and I just don't see that happening. Amazon/Congo Falls is a great ride. as many people have said it's perfect for cooling down and KI has room to grow that they don't use. I don't think Cedar Fair wants to take anything out that still has it's uses. IMO Timberwolf is just a hand in hand kind athing to KI. I hear Timberwolf. I think Kings Island, removing it would be like taking out the The Racer or The Beast.
  3. As some of you might know.. or probaly not I don't talk alot on here mostly lurk. But I'm a huge Rollercoaster Tycoon fan. On the official Forums for the game someone had a PKI recreation thread. (Pretty sure it's posted here too). Someone wrote this morning on that thread that they worked at Kings Island as a Ride Operator and that they were removing TImberwolf Amphitheatre and COngo Falls for a new coaster next year. Now Like I said.. take it with a grain of salt cause I sure don't believe it but it's worth mentioning anyway just for kicks. I personally think they will find aempty spot aroudn the park and mroe than likely it will be some cool new Flat Ride or soemthign from Geauga Lake if anything at all.
  4. One thing to note about this accident... is that apparently.. the axles had NEVER been replaced in it's 15 year operation is what the investigation is revealing.
  5. And to think it all stated from me asking about FoF
  6. I asked my mom to dig out some old vacation photo's from King's Island from back in the old Hanna Barbara days... hopefully she will scan and email them to me sometime this week.
  7. Wow... nice.. these should be fixed up and put in the photo gallery here at KICentral.
  8. Thanks guys.. you've been very helpful.. the reason I was asking is because i'm researching indoor coasters for one in a New RCT3 park I'm working on. I'm wanting to do a Grateful Dead themed indoor launch coaster.. still trying to come up with a name though. I know I want the word Psychadelic (or similiar) in the name but just not sure what works best yet.
  9. I knew it was all inside.. and knew it was a launched coaster.. I was just wondering how the track layout is on the inside.. I ASSUME it launches down that long tunnel.. into the huge cylinder area.. where most of the ride is.. then at the end comes back down the tunnel to the launch area. is that right?
  10. I've not been to KI since the year before they opened FoF, so I have a few questions.. is the entire ride inside that big cylinder except for the launch area... also.. are there any pics floating about of the construction of said ride? I'd love to see that.
  11. Ya know - I really hope that this response is just sarcasim that I'm missing. I really don't even know whtere to go with picking absolutely every point apart. Yes it was Sarcasm.. at it's best.. or at least I thought so.. oh well
  12. lol.. T2 is pretty bad yeah..
  13. If they were to remove anythign they should take out this coaster I've ehard about called " The Bat" apparently it's a maintanence nightmare.. and I even heard someone died on it... everytime I go to Kings Island.. i can't even find the coaster so it must be way off the regular path's with no good signs to it..
  14. Ok.. I kinda thought that is what I read somewhere.. but.. I just figured it could be a possibility.
  15. If we really do end up getting X-Flight I can't wait.. I've been wanting to ride one of these coasters for a very very long time.. as for rather or not KI does get it.. well I'd say from the stuff we've seen so far it's about 70% correct.. all of Cedar Fair's park's that could handle a coaster this size already have something planned.. although it's also a possibility that they will sell X-FLight to another chain.
  16. Creature from Star Wars.. what you've never seen Star Wars?????
  17. Huss did file for bankruptcy.. but.. I also heard tha t they are workign on a minimal staff and are reopenign under a differant name.. something like wher eit was Huss Rides before.. now it's Huss entertainment.. along those liens cause to be honest I'm not sure what the real name for huss is.. i just call it huss
  18. Yeah I figured I'd probaly spend the nite.. and was planning to stay the whole day.. I just wanted to know if everythign would be running or not.. thanks guys
  19. I've enver been to a fearfest before and I've not been to KI in years but I'm really tryign to make atrip up there this year.. my question is.. are all the rides open during fearfest.. cause I love the idea of Fearfest.. but i'd liek to be able to get my fill of KI rides as well.. I knwo the SOB will be closed.. but besides that.. cause I really wanna ride Beast at nite,, and i'd liek to try Flight of Fear, Italian Job, TOmb Raider, etc.. as well as ride my old favorites that are still around liek Top Gun.. excuse my typos.. i type way to fast for my fingers to keep up
  20. Hausty.. on the 80% and stops.. are you running any custom scenery.. have you just installed any at all before the problem started..?
  21. agreed.. it has to be cheaper to jsut tear it down.. then keep pouring money into this thing.. but... I have to say.. I never got a chance to ride it and that makes me sad.. but then again.. I never really wanted to have my bones shattered by a coaster I'm supposd to have fun on either... I would rather see a coaster kept though then flat rides all the time..
  22. You know . personalyl I think i prfer King Cobra over Delirium as well.. but I've enver rode Delirium.. the CObras was the first coaster I ever rode that had a loop.. so I have fond memories of it.. Delirium doesn't look all that great to me.. if I had to choose coaster over flat ride.. I choose coaster.. I have ridden chang.. hated it.. in fact every coaster at KK left me with bruises and a headache.. not smooth at all..
  23. Show... pffff.. If I wanna see a how I'll goto New York and Watch Cat's on Broadway... if I wanna have fun.. I'll goto an amusement park... My opinion on Cedar Point gettign controlof Kings Island is that not much will change at all.. every year we will get something.. it might be crap like Nick Universe.. or it might be somethign cool like a coaster.. either way.. I'm looking forward to seeign what next year will bring as far as what new attraction will be added. I'm really not worried about rather Wht Cedar Fair's plans are.. i;ve looked at all of their parks and it looks like there was somethign added at almost all of them that I would want to ride.. Nick Universe... well.. I will be skipping that section when I goto Kings Island next month... All i'm seeignon here is Cedar Fair is better.. Paramoutn is better.. Cedar Fair will ruin the park.. it's all bull.. I say we're not really better off.. or worse for wear.. at least Kings Island isn't being sold off like Six Flags parks are... everyone should stop and think about that notion for a minute... If paramount really ran the parks into the ground.. why would they seriously be considered as Cedar Point's biggest competition.. if they were ran into the ground.. then none would still be going.. I log in here every day sometimes 3 or 4 times.. jsut to see if there's news about what next years big thing will be...
  24. I knew Camden Park was still open.. I was being sarcastic.. but it' good to hear that it's getting better.. I have often wanted to do a recreation of Camden park in RCT 3 as a scenario.. and try to put some life back in the ol park...
  25. never heard of ghost town.. whatr was it.. anyone have photo's? my favorite defunct park has to be Camden park.. I used to love going there as a kid...
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