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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Man, haven't you noticed how each car of the train jiggles back and forth?
  2. i still did not get enough air!
  3. Player


    mine is to ride beast at night.
  4. the fish tailing sucks then. SoB fishtails more. It's a brand new spring mechanism, it'll loosen up over time. Anybody else get a roll back? I was cheering, while everyone else on the ride had no idea what was going on,lol. After you went through the police cars and back around i got insane airtime!
  5. a parking lot coaster is better than no coaster! Besides its a part of the theming.
  6. the fish tailing sucks then. SoB fishtails more.
  7. I did not get enough air time!
  8. Player

    New area idea!

    you need to be in charge of paramount
  9. I rode about 6:45. You felt fishtailing and the steps? How the hell did you ride it five times?
  10. screw that assigned seating. I said i wanted the front and i went to the front row,lol.
  11. were you wearing the blue fleece. And got the lill girl off the ride cause she was too short?
  12. Player

    2006 Rumors

    PKD will get IJST or something similar.
  13. I got in the IJST line tonight. My girl and i walked into the loading area, the pretty blond said there was room for 2 in the back of the train. I said no thanks i want to wait for the front! Two train wait for the front. My girl and i boarded, i took the drivers side. Its cool how the doors swing. After they said clear i put my arms up and the launch sucked actually something happened to the lims and we only made it half way around the first curve of the upward helix. We rolled back to the straightaway and had to wait to be pushed back into the station. We then got out while they did a
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