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  1. The Royal Fountain never ceases to amaze me. I’ve wondered how the fountain works for quite a while so I’d like to know deeper about how the fountain actually works. I know it has 4 giant tubular pumps with sensors and shoots a little over 10,000 gallons of water out of the reflecting pool that holds 600,000 gallons of water, but does it run electronically or naturally or both? Where are the 4 giant tubular pumps located? It’s impressive how big the fountain is and that it has somewhat a small pumping room underneath the bandstand. Is there a basement underneath the pool where the plumbers could analyze the pipes/pumps? So, I’d really appreciate it if you’d show me pictures of how it really works. It really is an amazing engineering complex.
  2. I was told that the spike on top of the Tower was removed in order to make it easier (and safer) for maintenance personnel to replace the light at the top of the tower. This replacement was done regularly in order to follow federal aviation requirements, and by removing the spike and installing the light elsewhere, the process wasn't as daunting as it had been. That makes sense to me. It may be true. So, I guess the park keeping the satellite on the tower remains a mystery/secret, hmmm...lol
  3. Terpy or anyone else, do you know the answers to my questions?
  4. Shaggy, Do you happen to know why was the spike removed and why is the satellite still on the tower since the tower at KD doesn't have one? Even KD's tower still has a spike which KI's doesn't. I do, however, prefer KI's than KD's (been to KI, but never to KD) because it is one of my favorite things to look at KI. I believe it will be the only thing that will last longer than any other rides/buildings. That is how special it is, it is what KI is all about because it made KI so famous. It was actually planned for Coney Island and install where the Lost River was located, but the flood cancelled that plan so the Wachs' kept the tower plan for KI. Curtis Summers actually designed the tower, but I don't know if he was the only one who designed it.
  5. I noticed that 2 gas lamp posts were removed on International Street. One between the Grand Carosuel and the former Paramount Story entrance and one in front of Emporium.
  6. The fountain was basically reconstructed in 2003. The only things that weren't new were the pool's foundations and pedestals. The fountain's pool base and foundations hadn't been touched in 30+ years before the fountain was reconstructed and the old foundations are still supported.
  7. Hmm, I wonder if the ice rink could crack the fountain's pool base. The ice rink could cause water to leak out of the pool base and possibly out of the pipes during the spring/summer/fall operating days. It could be worse if they didn't redo the fountain because if they didn't, the fountain's pool base wouldn't be in good shape for this. I think the pool base will be strong enough to hold the ice rink with people on it because the pool base is only 2 years old. When WinterFest debuted back in 1982, the fountain was 10 years old and WinterFest ran for ten years. That caused the water to leak out of the pool base, making the fountain to turn into a bad shape because the fountain's pool base wasn't strong enough to hold the ice rink with people on it. I don't think the ice rink should be 2 feet deep, maybe like 2 or 3 inches deep. We'll see.
  8. It's more of a landmark than a ride, but it is both a landmark and a ride. Derek
  9. Yea, we could all live without PKI anyways. Derek
  10. Where do the fountains' water come from? Under the pool, or the water plant (the big round white water tower near The Racer)? Derek
  11. I don't think I could survive without PKI, lol. I probably wouldn't know what to do if KI never exists 'cause I'm so obsessed about KI, lol. How about you? Derek
  12. Shaggy, Although this is off-topic, but where do the fountains' water come from? Under the pool, or the water plant (the big round white tower) near The Racer? Derek
  13. International Street is one of the greatest theme park entrances in the world, so why change everything??? A change is not always a good thing. Derek
  14. I doubt that International Street will be overhauled to Hollywood Boulevard. Anyone agrees with me on this one? Derek
  15. I think that the whole tower needs to be re-painted, not just the part of it. The faded paint color is light blue and the faded paint color would fade from blue to white if not re-painted. Just like when it faded from green to blue. Derek
  16. It was TV show "The Partridge Family" song, I believe. Please correct me if I'm mistaken. Derek
  17. Hey, I'm new here. I was wondering will there be two Season Pass sneak preview days? If yes, then will SP preview days be held on April 3rd and 4th? Thanks! Derek
  18. I'm wondering that are there TWO dates for Season Pass/Family/Media sneak preview days - April 3rd and 4th? Does that mean Season Pass sneak preview day(s) will be held on April 3rd and 4th, or just the 3rd or 4th? And finally, Season Pass/Family/Media preview days - all THREE events together will be held on April 3rd and 4th, or just the 3rd or 4th? Thanks in advance. Derek
  19. They would have to hire lots of painters to paint the tower, though.
  20. I've learned that PGA's (Paramount's Great America) skytower is getting a paint job. And I've also learned that PKD's (Paramount's Kings Dominion) Eiffel Tower is getting painted so what I'm wondering that is PKI Eiffel Tower getting painted? It seems that PKI doesn't have a budget to paint it's signature landmark, Eiffel Tower or PKI just doesn't care that their Eiffel Tower's color paint is fading, rust on the platforms, few paint peeling off, and lights not working (during the operating season). Is PKI still discussing about what color to paint the Eiffel Tower, I think they should paint it dark green/blue like back in 1972. Now that PKD Eiffel Tower gets a paint job and it looks like PKI Eiffel Tower isn't. That doesn't make sense 'cause KI's is older than KD's so which one needs a paint job badly, KD's or KI's? I would say KI's because it's older than KD's. I do think PKI cares about it's attractions and rides. You gotta believe in PKI, and have faith in PKI. I do. Derek
  21. Derek


    Actually, 2004 will be PKI's 33rd operation season. Derek
  22. Thanks, CoasterRZ. It was quite sad to see those unique lamps let go. I liked those lamps very much (I still do), but I am glad there are still some lamps on International Street. Derek
  23. Hey. Long time no post. This year I noticed there are less gas lights on International Street, why did PKI remove those lights, and when did they remove those lights? Octoberfest used to have unique flags, they have been in Octoberfest for a long time, now it's long gone. Why did PKI remove those unique flags, and when? PKI definitely removed a lot of things over the years. Derek
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