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  1. I also take like 10 maps everytime I leave.
  2. I wish they made Coke to go. That would be awesome.
  3. I'm going to go with 1 ride a day.
  4. I ride The Beast because it tastes like candy!
  5. By showing up in person.
  6. Mailed my registration out today.
  7. For the HUSS website type www since it is the worldwide web.
  8. ttdmfwtm


    On Carowinds opening day I rode everything. Sure it was a little cold, but the weather can be predicted. The park being empty was awesome.
  9. ttdmfwtm


    Lol, PCW doesnt open till May
  10. ttdmfwtm


    "ahahahahaha!!! Umm... riiight... I seem to be hearing a different story, but sure, they're the only ones who opened without major trouble, if you say so." What did you hear? I went, rode everything, and was extremely happy.
  11. ttdmfwtm


    So far it seems that Carowinds is the only Paramount park that has opened without major problems.
  12. I like cool history stuff like that. Thanks. Oh and nice job getting that info from Coasterbuzz.
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