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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. They've had a few has beens come through there i guess and some wannabees. Some weird bands like.....um....oh weird Al right :lol: nobody else worth mentioning but let's not slam timberwolf they just don't know better. So what Ride would work out good over there?

  2. I'm sure it generates alittle change every now and then but I'm sure it's demise is not going to hurt CF any. Also I'm sure that CF could throw a new ride in it's place and do alright. ;)

  3. Here's just a little update on TPR's 2008 trips -

    Spots are still open for East Coast USA and Mainland Europe. If you're interested, get your deposit in now!

    Initial deposits for the China trip and Tokyo trip are due on November 15th, 2007.

    We have made paying the initial deposit even easier! You can now pay your trip deposit via the TPR Store:


    For more information about these trips, download the flyers here:


    People who have been on a TPR trip say they have had the "time of their life!" It's a great way to see lots of parks, ride lots of coasters, and meet new people who are interested in your hobby!

    We hope to see you on a TPR trip in 2008!


    I'm curious as to what kind of review have you given our park(KI)? <_<

  4. My daughter who rode the SOB for the first time in 2005 ended up claiming that the SOB was the most bangin' coaster ever, get it :lol: she bought the shirt, hat, cups, poster and spread the love here at home to her BFFs. It's nice to know that a ride could have that much affect on a person in a good way, she has not missed a year in the park since 1996!

  5. Better still, misting fans and real shade from the sun. One should not have to buy overpriced drinks to avoid heat exhaustion.

    Noble idea! I'm all for it how could we talk em' into it?

  6. I remember the first summer for the IJST the wait was horrendous and it was hot as h e double hockey sticks I seen a teenage girl step out and lie down under a tree, only to be revived and whisked away by EMS. Some dude two lanes over fell down, I mean dropped and this man looked fit. Later that day vendors were near the queue selling ices and other drinks. More of that would be nice and or vending machines halfway, then again it's a gamble.

  7. I believe that the SOB accident could've been avoided but on the other hand who would've known? Maybe certain details were overlooked by the engineers? Could Computer ride scenario analysis if any could've calculated for the accident? In my humble opinion I wish that KI would've opted for another steel coaster of big proportions,. I dunno maybe a floorless? We didn't need another super wood coaster my god The Racer & The Beast was holding it down! What's done is done and it's a dreadful shame it happened but the show must go on. I have faith in KI and whatever becomes of the SOB is destiny.

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