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  1. ssdd1970

    Take a Ride Out

    They've had a few has beens come through there i guess and some wannabees. Some weird bands like.....um....oh weird Al right nobody else worth mentioning but let's not slam timberwolf they just don't know better. So what Ride would work out good over there?
  2. ssdd1970

    Take a Ride Out

    I'm sure it generates alittle change every now and then but I'm sure it's demise is not going to hurt CF any. Also I'm sure that CF could throw a new ride in it's place and do alright.
  3. ssdd1970

    Take a Ride Out

    Days Of Thunder!!! Then that other waste of space Timberwolf.
  4. I'm just thankful that KI is still around, there's no better park for me and my family. It's been a family tradition since 1975, so kudos to Kings Island!
  5. How about swingin' & dipping over the lake in this kid friendly ride http://www.draytonmanor.co.uk/Pandemonium.aspx All we would have to do is theme it heavily with Johnny Bravo and away we go.
  6. Young kids these days are more EMO or Goth than we think, kids that age(12up)can take a little scare and walk away. Give them some credit, but on the other hand you do have to watch how much you expose them to.
  7. I think we would survivie without Timberwolf, all KI has to is take a chance and just let it go. Lord that would open up a nice hunk of land for something else.
  8. I'm curious as to what kind of review have you given our park(KI)?
  9. I would like to see more theming and or visuals for the train ride or how about add more track and have it circle the whole park with various station along the way?
  10. Could we ever see another nights of fire type extravaganza of just plain old fireworks for the 4th of July?
  11. How about an germanfest themed show where hot chicks do the chicken dance
  12. It's all about having a good zoom and being at the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  13. ssdd1970


    I'm sorry I made a poll titled KEEPERS and I could've give an option for nothing removed, with that in mind let's try this again.
  14. My daughter who rode the SOB for the first time in 2005 ended up claiming that the SOB was the most bangin' coaster ever, get it she bought the shirt, hat, cups, poster and spread the love here at home to her BFFs. It's nice to know that a ride could have that much affect on a person in a good way, she has not missed a year in the park since 1996!
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