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  1. When I went yesturday (Sunday) Delirium kept closing down every once in a while. It might have been the weather that made it keep closing. I dont know?
  2. ^^ I will also be there tommorow all day.
  3. PKIcook304


    On the FearFest website it says that Crowds get bigger when its closer to Halloween
  4. Do you think that this Saturday will be packed. (Oct 7) Since that there is a concert "Fall Celebration."
  5. I am going also this Saturday, and it will be my first time that I am going to do Headless Hollow. I hope that it is good
  6. ^ Is Headless Hollow a good attraction to wait in, because one of my friends said it was a wast of time. I wanted to know this because I have never been in it And the park map for FearFest has a rellay good design!! Very cool
  7. Does anyone know if Tomb Raider will be open during Fear Fest? Because I was just looking on the Fear Fest website and it doesnt have Tomb Raider under Thrill Rides.
  8. If SOB does get torn down I think the ride that they put there needs to hold some sort of a record.Well that what I think but it probably wont happen.
  9. Does anyone know when the Great Wolf Lodge will open??? And anyone have some pictures of the inside maybe??
  10. I dont think that SOB will be torn down because look how much it cost!!and it has the only wooden loop, tallest and fastest wooden coaster. Maybe in the future it may get torn down,but not in like the next 3 years.
  11. What is the Smerfs Voyage........ I just want to know because i was not around when it was at pki. So if someone can tell me what it is. Thanks
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