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    My intersted well let see Roller coasters, my wife, just plain out having fun on days i can get off work and college. To go out and do something.

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  1. I went last weekend and i left and just swiped my card again to get back in to parking but yes we have to get our hand stamped to reenter the park.
  2. I think i will go according if i can get off work which should be no problem maybe i'll see if my friends want to go and hang out with us there. Thanks
  3. Okay i know most of the basic rides but what about SOB and others that r having work done. I am really new to this i bought my first season pass this year so i am trying to decide if it is worth going the opening weekend?
  4. I think my best is the area right at the beginning of the park in the first of the morning it makes you feel so free and you know that the day will be exciting (hopefully).
  5. So basically bring a friend day sux cuz everything takes forever to get a ride on. Thanks for the knowledge
  6. I am new to this whole season pass thing i finally bought a season pass for me and my wife but i have heard that there are special days where you can bring a friend for free is that true or is it just someone's imagination?
  7. Just because they are waiting to set it up until the middle of January doesn't mean that it won't be ready for Memorial Day Weekend becasue i bet that's what the park will be shooting for anyway. It's the most popular weekend to open a new ride.
  8. Taking out the loop sux but if it has to be then it has to be but nothing makes the SOB unique anymore so it's just going to go down hill from here trust me all rides do after having a drastic change like this one. I guess only time will tell on the subject.
  9. Is the Camping open yet i know it wasn't open all of last year and a friend ask me to see if any of you people know what's going on with that.
  10. What old rides or roller coasters would you enjoy to see up and running again. From where and why would you like to see it up and going again.
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