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  1. Right...right. Like all car accidents can be prevented and airplane crashes and hell, even breaking your own ankle cause you're a klutz. Yep...ALL can sure be prevented. And anytime a ride doesn't operate the way it was intended, it's a failure, injury or no injury. If you got a broken sternum on The Beast or whip lash from FoF, would you scream tear it down? I think not. It's well known SoB has had issues. They're working to resolve them. If you're worried about riding it or don't like it, just....don't ride it.
  2. So what? Injuries? Are you joking? Yes, accidents happen.....but to say so what to them? In the event of Son of Beast, a serious structural failure occurred. Thats unacceptable either way you want to look at it. Its certainly not the first time that the structure has had to be reinforced or replaced. The point being made is that so much money has been poured into the POS and for what? I'm sorry, but I could think of many many better attractions that could fill that plot of land nicely. - Todd, who'd rather see SOB end up as firewood Yeah...like Magnum's breaks going. Or Superman Power Tower cutting a girls feet off, or that train derailing in Japan, or rollbacks on Top Thrill. Failure is failure.
  3. So Browntggrr, calling me a lier? Be my guest, you're not here, you don't know my friend. And seriously, injuries? Please. Most people I've talked to that said they got hurt on that admitted to...oh..yeah, not holding on. You don't hold on, your body's not braced, you're asking for trouble. Yes, there was that accident. So what? So what I say? Yes, because accidents happen on coasters and many still operate. If you don't like SoB, fine. But leave those of us that do alone and stop calling us liers, mkay?
  4. I often wonder how many of you that say "Tear it down" "They've done all they can" blablabla know EXACTLY what's going on. Easy for you to say throw away a 20 million dollar investment. And as for the "No one comes to KI to Ride SoB", VERY wrong. People do, you just may not know it. I have a friend coming from California; it's THAT ride he wants to ride the most.
  5. Well, those are, as mine, just your opinions. Which I don't agree with. Trying to seek damages for that type of "loss" in this instance is, I'm sorry, utterly ridiculous. She wasn't maimed to the extent of say....not being able move. The fact remains, millions of people confined to wheelchairs are able to work and make just as much as a person that walks. Granting damages for that would be like you going back and seeking damages from a gun company if someone shot you in the leg. The other things, yes, by all means. I'm not saying they don't deserve it or trying to place value on her injury, just simply that doing that is not the just thing. And again, their ride or not, if the cables didn't come from them, they ARE NOT liable. For all we know, SF could have went and got a used cable from a completely different ride. Does that make it Intiman's fault? No. The cable was faulty, not the ride. Thus, there is not any liability.
  6. This is by no means a "let's just sue to get some cash" lawsuit. That poor girl was just sitting there, obeying the rules, minding her own business when this happened. Those words on the ticket really mean nothing beyond some minor injury due to your own stupidity as people who are severely hurt because of breaking the rules will often get compensated. Though I will say, the part about her ability to earn money being impaired is a bit....over the top. There's plenty of people who are missing one or both of their feet and still earn a nice living. Heck, they even run track in the Special Olympics. So...i don't agree with that. And truthfully, if the cables didn't come from the manufacturer, they are in no way liable for this. ESP since, shoot don't remember where I read it, that they specifically tell them to get parts from THEM, as most manufacturers will say. I can't see them giving into SF's suit so easily. Guess we'll find out soon enough.
  7. Oh, honestly. what does that mean? Assuming they're using it as how I use it, basically like "oh please, don't be ridiculous." The only thing i have to say really is Strobe Lights would be a terrible choice. Think of all the lawsuits from people being thrown into seizures. Even ones who don't have epilepsy can have a seizure from strobes.
  8. Sometimes, not always. Nonetheless, I make sure they know every time I'm not pleased. And alot of people care. It sucks to wait sometimes hours for something only to have people cut in front. Well, if it's not right for them to offer a little perk, which in fact I haven't noticed it being a problem at all and has limited use, then shouldn't you think it unfair that any line cutting is wrong? Say....handicapped people? My point is, people get treated better all the time everywhere based on their status or other factors of who they are. Gold Pass holders are of status. They have those passes because they're coming to the park more than once or twice. It's only fair to give them a little something extra.
  9. Nope, I mean this one: http://www.rcdb.com/ig750.htm It's name is literally just "X"
  10. One letter is all I need to describe what I want............ X
  11. Post wasn't added? Got deleted? Meh. Anyway.... Rode it, loved it. Pretty much the same as it was before. Got a bit of a sinking feeling when the train went through the area the loop used to be. Trains are alot more comfortable, ride's still fast, a bit smoother. I don't understand when people say it's so rough blablabla. The Beast is rougher. I ride SoB and The Beast back to back every time I go...religiously. I know this to be fact. I honestly think people simply don't realize how much The Beast is jerking them around since they hold it so dear. The Racer is more rough than SoB and in fact, The Beast and The Racer are the ONLY rides there I walk away with bruises from. Also, I wonder how many people when they ride SoB and are complaining about injury are stupidly raising there arms. Proper posture, which INCLUDES holding on is key to an enjoyable and pain free ride. All woodies are rough, always have been, always will be. It's the nature of them and you can't change it. And let's be honest, it's a hyper woody; how smooth do you think it's going to be?
  12. True as it may be, they didn't have to allow it to be built. There was nothing for CF to "allow." Cedar Fair didn't have a say in whether it was built or not...construction was well under way on GWL long before CBS put Paramount Parks up for auction. CBS "sold" the former campground land to GWL for a 15% ownership stake in the resort. CBS offered to sell their stake to CF at the time of the acquisition, but CF turned it down. GWL has subsequently bought back the 15% from CBS and is now the sole owner of the resort. Well excuuuuse me. Get off that fact and back to the other obvious things they didn't have to do.
  13. True as it may be, they didn't have to allow it to be built.
  14. Tell me about it. I had a co-worker tell me a few months ago that SoB derailed and three people died - which is why it was still closed (at the time). I told her that if she could find me the news article about it, I would pay her $10. Needless to say, she hasn't got back to me yet, and I still have my $10. Oh wow. Now THAT takes some intelligence right there. xD I'm waiting for some drowning rumor because of the pool being closed down for quite a while today for lifeguard breaks and chemical testing. The only thing I've heard about the girl is that they were able to reattach one foot, but the other was too badly damaged. She's in stable condition. This was a report from MSNBC.com Should still be able to find it.
  15. Ahhh. The rumor-spreaders. They're an elite group of idiots I hold dear. xD So, while I was there today(technically yesterday now) waiting in line for Delirium, I overheard a woman ask another when Drop Zone would be opened. Oh yes....you have an idea of where this is going, don't you? So this obviously informed person *insert major sarcasm here* proceeds to tell her that it will never be opened again and that they've already closed and started tearing down the other ones and blablabla. Let's give a round of applause to these people, they deserve it. xD
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