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  1. We really don't know if the park is not being consistent.The easiest: we really do not know if the person in question is being honest about being on the ride before. I know that parks I visit often during the year the ride ops get to know me by face. Given this person's unfortunate condition, he would be even more recognizable. I have no way of understanding his frustration given how capable he is, but to be consistent, certain criteria needs to be met. He does not. This is an issue that will never go away. Ride manufacturers cannot design rides for every handicap and still ma I wish they could With me, there was no consistancy. One time I can ride Delerium, next time not. Another visit I can, yet another, I am told no. Delirium is a tricky ride. If you are tall or have wide shoulders, the restraint might not go down far enough for the computer to register it as locked. Hope this piece of information helped.
  2. The gondola was unbalanced. Calm down people.
  3. If they are anything like Drop. Then he won't be riding much.
  4. ^ He wasn't being "inconsistent" he could have very well felt that he may hurt you.
  5. ^^ HTCO, you just made my night. But in all reality the commercial has done its job right? It's gained peoples attention, that's for sure.
  6. ^ Good observation it is a forum. And your opinion is to fire the marketing department, for what? Doing their job?
  7. ^ Why pay for multiple commercials? When half the time the GP could care less. Most of you are making a huge deal about nothing. EDIT: Prove most films of Kings Island rides are on file. The park may not be even able to use old shoots due to Paramount references. You and I both aren't qualified to make such accusations.
  8. I'd like to see you pay for a commercial shoot. In reality there just isn't the money for them to shoot video; of every Cedar Fair coaster, at every Cedar Fair park. I swear you guys complain to much.
  9. 4.6 Billion years old. But you are somewhat right Browntggr, rock on earth has been found to be that old. The Age of the Earth
  10. I have gotten the error ten times now just trying to post this.
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