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  1. Tour of maintenance roads? Well here you see some asphalt, over here are some guard rails... and finally our vast collection of potholes.
  2. Spambots can easily get around that. Now what's become popular is a simple question. You can even use both (of course, having real people answer the question.). You right it's not completly fail safe but... what if we had a random question asked everytime you sign up at KIC, asking you some sort of park or site related question (some fact easily found of course), got the question wrong and you couldn't sign up. You can also take it another step and take pictures of rides at KI and have people signing up for KIC answer which ride it is. Since there are so many various angles a ride's photo can be taken in it would be very hard for the spam bot to guess the one, and then again got the picture wrong and you can't sign up
  3. I know they are very iritating but, it might be a good idea to introduce C.A.P.T.C.H.A. to KIC before you can become a member, this might be limited as are board software probably don't support it, but if we were to have a redirect on KIC that would have CAPTCHA before you can even access the forums it should cut down or even eliminate the problem. For those who don't know what a CAPTCHA is: It stands for: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. All they are is simply randomly generated distorted text that is requried to be typed in before you can gain access to a page or website, humans can read this text but robots can not. EDIT: After doing some research there is a downloadable Add-On to IP.Board forums on the IP. Board/Invision Power website you can actually find it at: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/2705-login-captcha/ Which would be a great idea to add to the forums as it should cut down on the spam.
  4. Wasn't this supposed to be a big fall too? http://img847.images...u61tr9i22pn.jpg
  5. A way to see if a ride is down without going to that ride & line wait times on the rides at the park
  6. I was looking around the internet and found these articles on Phantom Theater: A Phantom Theater Walk-though: http://www.dafe.org/attractions/darkrides/phantom/phantom.php A Phantom Pharewell behind-the-scenes look at it's disassembly: http://www.dafe.org/attractions/darkrides/pharewell/pharewell.php and Preview of the (then new) Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle: http://www.dafe.org/attractions/darkrides/scoobypki/scoobypki.php
  7. I loved it, only got one ride, then at night I tried again but they closed it down due to weather though. Aside from that it was great! How does everyone like it?
  8. I thought the midgets are coming back? It says on there website: http://halfpintbrawlers.com/?page_id=61 as they did use the festhaus last year unless they are going some where else?
  9. I didn't get it on any of them they just tell you as you are looking at the picture, it was Race for your life Charlie Brown, ask next time you get off a ride.
  10. I think so, They don't advertise it on any of them.
  11. Did you guys know you can get on ride photos sent to your email for 3 dollars each where you can print them yourself as ofen as you would like, I just found this out, I havnt done it yet as I dont like how my photos look (I always have a stupid looking face) but this is great for people who want these photos without going bankrupt buying them.
  12. and two more I know of: Rascal Flatts - Summer Nights Owl City - Fireflies
  13. I took this today I have flash on my phone:
  14. It would be nice if they created a mini-pond there and fill the trough with water it would be a neat effect.
  15. Ohhh... I just HAD to! This SF commercial HILARIOUS!
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