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  1. Because it is in the process of being set up, if you notice the wheel isn’t round(complete).
  2. Carowinds sells Blue Ice Cream at Granny’s Ice Cream near Copperhead Strike.
  3. I don’t know of many parks that intentionally burn the wood from a wooden coaster to “dispose” of the wood and admit to that. The Facebook post evens says that a burn permit was issued. Seems like a EPA violation to me.
  4. Top Gun: The Jet Coaster was painted in the Carowinds parking lot prior to be erected. I would dare guess it could have been a number of things from the park not knowing the name and theme to being cheaper to buy unpainted and paint on site.
  5. You should be able to walk up the exit of any ride that doesn’t have a test seat and ask to test the seat seat and restraints. If the restraints secure then you will have to wait through the regular line to ride I know this is true at Cedar Point and Carowinds as I have done it at both parks.
  6. It looks like a bleached version of Scrappy Doo but Scrappy Doo debuted in 1979. I have never heard of Tagg but could it be Scrappy with a new coat of fur? He looks like he was well taken care of. Edit: https://www.pinterest.com/amp/pin/432416001717656081/ I found Tagg, it is from Gulliver’s Travels show. Not a character I am familiar.
  7. Fury doesn’t run for Winterfest, the only B&M that has ran for Winterfest is Afterburn. Copperhead ran for Winterfest 2019.
  8. There were multiple locations proposed over the years. How many operating Major roller coasters are left in Vegas?
  9. Sweden has a similar population to North Carolina, herd immunity doesn’t start to kick in until the good majority of the population has the antibodies. With a population of 10 million; 75,000 cases(Sweden) and 99,000 cases(NC) is no where near enough for herd immunity to work. Case numbers would need to be in the millions like 7million per their populations to even begin to work. Bending the curve and slowing the virus spread is being down so that our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed with just Covid let alone all the other things they handle on the normal basis source: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/north-carolina/ Dont forget to click on Sweden’s page.
  10. Wasn’t there a user here called Captain Nemo that done flyoverS of KI around 2005? Am I guessing that Easter egg wrong?
  11. This is my opinion only: Actually it is not hot or miserable, you just have to get yourself in the mind set that you are wearing your mask to protect your guests, your coworkers and your family. I find it far more bothersome that my mask hides my smile from my guests than anything else. I won’t say which amusement park I work at. My job is just as enjoyable with the mask as it was before pre-covid.
  12. One has to wonder if your opinion of the characters in the movie is part of why Disney won’t release the movie. I haven’t seen the complete film, kinda hard to get a copy of it but I have seen clips. From the clips I have seen, I agree with your opinion. Uncle Remus and his family are good role models; the little boy’s parents are poor role models. I also think that just maybe the film was ahead of its time and was intended to promote unity among the different kinds of people in American society. Again, I haven’t seen the whole movie but my wife did see the book it is based upon in a local store for sale about a year ago.
  13. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Coney Island adding things like Batting Arcades and Go karts in the future. I think if that were to happen you could see rides start to return. However I could also see them focusing on water slides and attractions.
  14. North Carolina started phase 2 on May 22nd at 5pm. Phase 3 may start June 26th but it may be pushed back, when asked about water parks, the Governor or Mindy Cohen(NCDHHS) responded with “That sounds like phase 3.”, however I can’t remember which one said it.
  15. Former Kings Dominion General Manager from the 1970s and former Vice President of Operations at Taft Broadcasting. http://www.interthemepark.com/dennis-l-speigel.html
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