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  1. So what is going on with these rides??? I rode IJ:ST last Staurday and all the fire and stuff and the helicopter weren't working and i know tomb raider has been closed for a while. Do you know if they plan to take these rides down or what are they doing with them because they are paramount themed???????
  2. i was just wondering is the SOB smoother and less rackety and shaky now that there are new cars???????
  3. So yesterday my friend and i made our way up to KI. We arrived at about 10:00 and headed straight back to Firehawk. Apparently that was everybody else's idea too. We waited about 15 mins for the ride to open then about 30 more mins in line and we were on our way (We were on the yellow train). I must say Firehawk is a really great ride and I had never been on a flying coater before. After that we went to FOF and waited about 10 mins and got right on. I know the ride usually slows down a bit in the middle but this times it completley stopped! I was scared for a minute but then the ride continued. I was a little disappointed that there were no ORP at the end but then I saw that and On-Ride video is coming soon which is kinda cool (i know they have that on the Raptor at Cedar Point but i don't know how they could do it on FOF because the whole ride is in the dark). Then we went up to the Eiffel Tower which is always fun. We walked through what used to be the Paramount Story but there is nothing and the blocks that had the movies on them looked kinda stupid with nothing on them. Then we headed over to the Action Zone area and rode Top Gun, Drop Zone, and Face/Off. We decided to some back to Delirium later. After that we went on The Vortex, one of my favorites, then on IJ:ST, which surprisingly had no line and was pretty fun. Then we went on Adventure Express ( does anyone know why they changed the rating from a 3 to a 5 when it doesn't even compare to the other 5's?) which was rough and at the very top of the last hill we got stuck for at least 5 mins. I was scared but then we came out and everything seemed fine do idk. We decided to head back to The Beast which seemed rougher then usual but still a great ride. Tomb Raider was next. Boy has it lost it's touch. The music played during the ride was off and a bunch of lights and stuff were burnt out. I hope they don't remove the ride because I really like the idea, I just hope they retheme it and fix some things. Then we headed back to Action Zone to ride Delirium which was fun and relaxing ( I don't know why but i like it way better than MaXair at CP). We were the last people to ride when a major thunderstorm rolled in. So we went into Festhaust and had LaRosa's pizza ( yum yum ) but the storm wasn't going to let up any time soon so we decided to leave. Other than that it was a great trip to KI and I hope to go back at least one time again this summer.
  4. Magnum XL 200 at Cedar Point for 15 mins when some overwieght person was trying to get in but couldn't fit and she threw a fit!!!
  5. KIlover


    If there are thunder and lightening stoms most of the day at KI will all of the rides still be open or will some close???? Thanx
  6. I'm going to Kings Island on Tuesday June 19th. Could you tell me how long the lines would be? I know Firehawks will probably be 45 mins to 1hr and 1/2. What can you guys tell me??????? Thanx
  7. face/off!!!!!! i was scared to death but i still liked it
  8. AE should definatley NOT be a 5. i havent been there in 2007 yet but last year it was only a 3 and Vortex was a 4 which i think is a reasonable rating because it's so smooth and not scary enough to be a 5
  9. my favorite is a tie between Vortex and Flight of Fear how 'bout u guys
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