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    Grant County, Kentucky
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    roller coasters, mini coopers, rct3, ps2, and playing with my new puppy remington and that is about it

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First time updating in a while...

I'm still Derrike, I think, and still to majority of you I'm more well known as coaster_junky.

Lately I've completely dropped off the face of the site. I still lurk frequently, I just don't find myself having time to actually post much with college and all that jazz. Speaking of college, I'm a sophomore at the University of Kentucky majoring in Animal Sciences. I used to dream of becoming an engineer for roller coasters, but that has since changed to wanting to just be around animals all the time and either become a vet or work in a zoo.

Anyway, if any are actually reading this its starting to get a little drawn out.

Have fun and ride on,

- Derrike 1/7/2013


so, i guess it's about time i do this.

hi, i'm derrike, but obviously majority of you, if not all of you, know me as coaster_junky.

although i have a lower coaster track record, but feel that i can take pride in knowing i've ridden roller coasters as far west as nevada, east/south as florida, and as north as lake eire.

my family and i travel a lot, but our adventures, unfortunately, rarely ever take us to "new" parks for me to check off of my fictional "to do" list.

... that's about it, so thanks for reading.


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