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  1. Bins would be more of an issue than just the random crap, and they would slow us down even more
  2. When we are only using one side, it is because one of two reasons. Either the Park admins have told us to, or 2, because of crew shortage, we do the best we can over there, trust me i know, as a 3rd year working the ride, it isnt easy but we move as quick as we can to make run smoothly. Plus think about it, by the time the first train has dispatched, the second has to roll in, sit up and the people get off of it and then we reload it, it takes about 2-3 minutes for all that to occur, and the ride is only 2min and 35 secs long
  3. With this being a somewhat logical response, it is not true however, a third train would slow down the porcess causing a train to be left iin the trim brakes while the other 2 were loaded and unload, then this also throws in a safty aspect, you can have three trains in the small amount of block space that Firehawk has
  4. Ya, i didnt know i was gonna reply to that many posts, havnt been on in a while
  5. This is true, but Firehawk opened later in the season then they wanted it to, the public wanted the ride so they gave it to them and worked on the heat problem the best they could, i agree that the lone cooler of water was not enough, but they added alot of shade that year and got the mister working soon after
  6. It is true that we have to have the train out of the station before the other train can come in due to the block setup, and as a ride op, i can tell you that that ride is no walk in the park to run, i understand your frustration, but we run it the way we do to keep it safe. And we have found ways to speed up the process alot as of this year so stop by and you should be relieved a lil bit as to the speed of the line
  7. There is a reason, and it is safety as well as the safness of the guests items. I dont know if you look when you are at Firehawk, but most people lay there things right agiast that fence and as people from the other train leave they could reach through the fence and take whatever they want, and for the safety reason, if one of the employees trips over some of those items, they or even a guest could injure themselves
  8. I do tend to go all out, I just save my energy a lil so i dont die by the time it is 1am, this year however, my bday is on one of the nights we will be scaring, so if you are around on 10/14/1010 fo haunt, stop by and you will be very impressed . i have some very special plans for things im gonna do to scare that night i i promise not to disapoint
  9. Well when this haunt season rolls around, post a message to let me know when your coming through and i will make sure i go all out that night
  10. "Massacre Manor-5/5-Is there a way I can rate this haunt above a 5? This was great! The dress room was really terrifying and made my girlfriend lose my hand and run back to the end of the group. Being in a tight space I think added to the thrill factor of this haunt. One of the more scary parts was the guy closing the door really hard in the room with the cage. There were so many parts where I would just stop walking and be like you have got to be kidding me, I have to walk through there? Overall one of the best haunts I have ever had the pleasure to go through." Glad I could scare ur gf that much. I will keep an eye open next year and hope to do the same.
  11. I did not once say that it is or was unsafe, I know for a fact that it is safe. I just don't think we should really talk about it, as a crew member I would appreciate it, not every one wants to be reminded of it by hearing or reading about it.
  12. I dont know what your talking about here, the line has misters and has since last year if i remember correctly
  13. Well if you have a better way of getting over 500 people on the ride each hour between two different stations without major construction that would close the ride, let me know. As an employee of the ride I can tell you that ya I hate it, but it works. The park didnt have much room back there and with what the had they did a fairly decent job and the dont want the que going under the ride cause then people waiting would get pelted by all the stuff people drop
  14. I would like to request that everyone stop posting on this topic, as it is people are hearing about it on the news and it not something we need to be gossiping about online for the parks forum. All kinds of people come on here and read these stuff we post and i would like to not freak every one out. I am sorry if I sound harsh but it would greatly appreciate it.
  15. An F-6 is not possible, the strongest tornado ever recorded is an F-5 and is very rare, trust me. Im planning on majoring in Meteorology and in all my studing, not once have I read of an F-6.
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