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  1. on Friday April 17 i told a person i was going to Kings Island tomorrow and he said "i love Kings Island" i asked him what his favorite ride was and he replied "Diamondback"
  2. i miss flying eagles that was the best ride that wasn't a coaster...although i do miss King Cobra even though i never got to ride it. when i was little i would always watch it from the Adventure Express line and wanted to ride it so bad. when i finally was tall enough to ride it...it was removed p.s. now after opening day everyone has pictures of their first rider shirts...i got one to
  3. its 2:30 and i'm wide awake....aparently i am unable to sleep
  4. Today i was reading through the "Little Known Facts" and when i heard about The Beast graveyard. i thought this was interesting so i googled it. there wernt many results but one told me to use a site with a aerial image. i went to switchboard and looked for it through "birds eye". i didnt see anything. while i was looking i looked at the field where the track for the KK used to be. i knew the track had been removed but didnt know what was there now. when i looked there was a green coaster train lined up in the SouthWestern corner of this clearing. it looked like a KK train but those were moved to Kings Dominion and i cant think of what else they could be. also a pic of this area is in the July aerials of DB construction. Can someone tell me anything about this train or the "beast graveyard". i did some research on both of these things but i was very tired and prolly overlooked some stuff sorry
  5. Does anyone Know if there is still a King Cobra graveyard? I know there used to be 2. 1 By the Son of Beast, and 1 behind the Flight of Fear. I've heard some places That it was still there through 2008 but also heard it was removed in 2006. Also there used to be some old KC cars in FOF's "drum" does anyone know if there still there?
  6. I would recomend to start around Diamondback or The Beast and work your way around in a circle to The Vortex, stunt coaster, Firehawk, Flight of Fear, Racer, etc. and as for the lines, since your probably used to cp lines they should be no problem if you get there mid morning. p.s. Where have you guys been SOB's loop has been gone a long time
  7. I think that "BM" does mean B&M and "LCG08" is the track number. LCG prolly means the location or ride or something like that then 08 means where the piece goes in the assembly. I know Diamondback uses a system like this and because they are both from B&M they might use the same classification system. If the manufacture of the track is North then it prolly is going to sea world. P.S. try to send those pics through a txt msg to your email and post them.
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