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  1. I saw this at the park this weekend and was surprised something so big still existed!?
  2. I would agree with everything
  3. The funny thing is, as others have mentioned and I’m sure as many other people have done, I also rode red (randomly) Racer this weekend while killing Orion ticket time and it was the first time I rode it in probably 10 years and it seemed a little more enjoyable than what I remembered before and now I know why! haha I’m also bummed I skipped The Beast this weekend :\
  4. But if you have the mask then social distancing is less imperative.
  5. It looks like the weather forecast for Tuesday might be better now and the first half of Monday should be solid as well. I was at the park this whole weekend and felt mask usage was like 99% by guests much to my shock! The few times I succumbed to briefly taking off my mask in off to the side areas due to the heat I was definitely the odd ball out! Social distancing was weak though especially in high traffic areas like Area 72, but I also feel like that’s something we can have some control of ourselves. Employee sanitization was also good including coaster trains although oddly I don’t think I ever saw Orion sanitized?? I think Orion was the only coaster I saw running all its trains as well. I still give KI tons of credit for even being open especially since Ohio is a pretty strict state for COVID restrictions overall.
  6. Definitely more days in August and September as well. Maybe the first two weekends in November?? There have been many nice early November weekends when I wished the park was open!
  7. Thankfully with Orion and B&M being people eaters my hope is most days & times are <2 hours.
  8. Maybe one day he'll come back!! Surely he'll want to ride Orion/Polaris/Alpha/Omega/Whateveryoucallit

  9. As a kid/pre-teen I was a big fan of KC!! It felt like a real thrill ride that I'd read about at other parks which all seemed far away lol Sadly, it closed during my "dark years" when I stopped going to parks and before I became an enthusiast. The stand up coaster at Canada's Wonderland (if it's still open?) was a good throwback for me though when I rode it several years ago Great blog post and thanks for the trip down memory lane!!
  10. Where are you? Where, where, are you?

  11. ^I'm looking forward to that too! I wonder how busy/cold CP was??
  12. I think an hour on Sunday/holiday's or select July/August weekdays would be sweet!
  13. I want to read an actual TR about today! It was by far my 2nd favorite KI trip of the 09 season!! (behind my one trip with my g/f) I was very disappointed I couldn't go last Sunday (was out of town) after hearing how slow it was, but today was right up there and with better weather! (more sun) Maybe it was a little chilly, but with a jacket it was fine. I only rode Diamondback (I did my obligatory swan song of last rides on my last trip 9/27) and it was so glorious having no seat assigning!!! From 10:50 am (DB opened late) to 3:15 I got in 22 rides, 8 front row and 14 back row all with breezing my way into the station without encountering a separator...it was like a regular amusement park experience for once!! And guess what, never once was the station every 'crazy' or out of control, and not every GP'er ran to the first or last row and capacity was still great! (I mean, B&M's are capacity idiot proof like that) Don't get me wrong, it was nice getting on DB in like 10 minutes by way of SRL on a busy July day like I did numerous times, and I was only ever denied a seat request once (out of 140 rides), but it wasn't always easy. So today it was just really nice going hours getting to enter a station the same way I do on virtually every other coaster there is. But it was funny hearing that DB ride count record holder lady saying Diamondback's station was the fullest she's ever seen it! (or in other words your average Tuesday on Racer!) At 3:15 I was burned out and left, but I was glad this closing day was about as empty as the other's in recent years!
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