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Hey guys im Ryan im 17 and have been into coasters one way or another through out my whole life. As a child I was terrified of them but was so fascinated by them at the same time till I built up courage. I haven't been doing much lately coaster wise in the past season and half but that's all changing this season (thank you license) have many exciting plans for this year head of me! Other than coasters im a bull rider and been working hard at it to one day become pro and ride in the PBR, I play tournament paintball (NO not in the woods) with my team Queen City Smackdown, im on the varsity swim team for my school and also im a very huge horror movie/ haunted house enthusiast as some of you may know me by my Haunt name of STEVE. Guess thats about it for me want to hang out just let me know and well hit up the park sometime im always there alomost any day of the week!

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