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  1. Wait wait wait, what was that:o They fixed it! What is it doing, pouring water or what, i haven't gotten to go to the park yet.
  2. I was there for Math and Science day about 2 years ago, and the crowds werent too bad. However the kids there that day were very rude i had a group of about 7 line jump almost all the way to the front and receive no punishment.
  3. Speaking of this during my last trip i was riding AE and a group of kids in the front car turned around during the first lift hill and started yelling about how Hitler was a great person and everything he did was right (I'm not quoting some of the racist things they said...), needless to say there was a lot of yelling and arguing going back and forth the whole ride
  4. Just being there, i only have the chance to go once a year. The environment the sounds, its just a great place to get away from regular life.
  5. I dont see how hard it would be to just add some new lights, like red lights in the third tunnel (at night). Right now, well before i read about the dripping water and saw the old picture, i thought all we could use were some lights.
  6. I think the Lava themed tunnel was the third one, on the KI site it mentions having three themed tunnels and the third was a volcanoe. Anyway, i would love to see a little money put in for AE with a little tuning up and lights it could be realy cool.
  7. Well you can probably tell by my ride count down there
  8. I would say just about any wooden coaster, Racer, Blue Streak, Beast, Son of Beast, Thunderhead ect.
  9. Usualy its just the fact i havent been on it before, or in a long time. I only get to visit KI about 2 times a year if i am lucky and i spend half the day getting used to the rides all over again.
  10. Ohhh, i will have to watch, however i dont know if i will be home at the time. I will just have to see how thing turn out.
  11. Just checked the webcam myself, looks like they will have quite a lot in the back portion of the ride in the trees! it will be quite a ride if thets what it is
  12. what are you doing so low on the ground taking pictures
  13. a little off topic, but why cant they get some better webcams, i like to check them out every once and a while, but it just seems to be a picture that updates every few moments.
  14. Umm off topic but your ride count is really weird! yeah, it was a bad day at the park (and my only time this year) when i got there it rained and a lot of the rides were closed and the ones that were open had long lines. i only had about 8 hours at the park as well that day.
  15. So here it is, the Phantom theater. I remember the one time i rode it, i was about 5 and too scared to open my eyes its great to see what the ride actualy was brings back memmories. I also remember that on your way out you could see all the security moniters and could see the ride on them...
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