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  1. Wait wait wait, what was that:o They fixed it! What is it doing, pouring water or what, i haven't gotten to go to the park yet.
  2. I was there for Math and Science day about 2 years ago, and the crowds werent too bad. However the kids there that day were very rude i had a group of about 7 line jump almost all the way to the front and receive no punishment.
  3. Speaking of this during my last trip i was riding AE and a group of kids in the front car turned around during the first lift hill and started yelling about how Hitler was a great person and everything he did was right (I'm not quoting some of the racist things they said...), needless to say there was a lot of yelling and arguing going back and forth the whole ride
  4. Just being there, i only have the chance to go once a year. The environment the sounds, its just a great place to get away from regular life.
  5. I dont see how hard it would be to just add some new lights, like red lights in the third tunnel (at night). Right now, well before i read about the dripping water and saw the old picture, i thought all we could use were some lights.
  6. I think the Lava themed tunnel was the third one, on the KI site it mentions having three themed tunnels and the third was a volcanoe. Anyway, i would love to see a little money put in for AE with a little tuning up and lights it could be realy cool.
  7. Well you can probably tell by my ride count down there
  8. I would say just about any wooden coaster, Racer, Blue Streak, Beast, Son of Beast, Thunderhead ect.
  9. Usualy its just the fact i havent been on it before, or in a long time. I only get to visit KI about 2 times a year if i am lucky and i spend half the day getting used to the rides all over again.
  10. Ohhh, i will have to watch, however i dont know if i will be home at the time. I will just have to see how thing turn out.
  11. Just checked the webcam myself, looks like they will have quite a lot in the back portion of the ride in the trees! it will be quite a ride if thets what it is
  12. what are you doing so low on the ground taking pictures
  13. a little off topic, but why cant they get some better webcams, i like to check them out every once and a while, but it just seems to be a picture that updates every few moments.
  14. Umm off topic but your ride count is really weird! yeah, it was a bad day at the park (and my only time this year) when i got there it rained and a lot of the rides were closed and the ones that were open had long lines. i only had about 8 hours at the park as well that day.
  15. So here it is, the Phantom theater. I remember the one time i rode it, i was about 5 and too scared to open my eyes its great to see what the ride actualy was brings back memmories. I also remember that on your way out you could see all the security moniters and could see the ride on them...
  16. i remember seeing that Also the Characters that walk around the front gate in the morning can get quite annoying, i was there with a group of friends and one came over ant took a hat from us and aother group. it was annoying to theose who got their hat taken but not to me
  17. Adventure Express, i mean look at the name ADVENTURE also it is much longer than BLSC and its a walk on, evey time!
  18. i wasnt expecting everyone to have a ride they get dizzy on i actualy used to be able to ride the monster over and over again without feeling sick, but then abain the car wasnt spinning out of control
  19. Just thoght i would bring this up after the last visit i has. I had a friend with me who weights a little under double what i do (i dont weigh much) and while riding the monster our car was spinning so fast due to the off center weight i felt very ill only about thirty seconds into the ride
  20. Thats the first thing on AE i dont think i have noticed! i will have to look out for it next time...
  21. Afer riding AE fo about the 12th time i catered up some facts Start of the ride to finish -the first tunnel is supposed to have a large snake in it but all i ever notice is vines andsmall snakes around the roof corners -before entering the second tunnel you go over a bridge, which leads fairly far down to a stream (they should cut away some of the leafs branches and grass so you can see it better i think it would look nice) -the skeleton in the tunnel looks to be about 3ft tall -on the oposite side of the skeleton there is an exit door -as soon as you leave the second tunnel up the lift hill there is a pile of mush under the chainlift on the last hill probable from the gears -on the other side there is a shed (s that the feeding house from the safari?) -on the last stand with the mask a the top of the hill there is a camera -before you go down the hill there is a creaking sound effecet that sounds like the track snapping listen closely) -the track goes over the last lift hill where yo can see a lot of gum and occasionaly a hat and change on th roof -on the helix before the pillars you go under you can see the ropes holding the track in place -the pillars seem to be very short when you go under them -right before the third tnnel look at the rails at the entrance thare is a sign. i could neve read it though -no floor on the third tunnel just grass -before you go into the last tunnel you go over the little stream, much smaller than at the begining of the ride -there are masks at the begining of the last hill that are just like the first lift hill inside. -8 drummers -next to the second one on the right thre is an emergency exit -next to the third one there is a bright red phone on the wall -the left corner at the top of the hill has a camera -the bok the statue at the top is holdin has tons of gum all ove it -when you get to the top there is a horribly loud screaching sound -when you are about to enter the station look back and under the lift hill, you can see a lot of the track and ther cars on it
  22. thats realy impressive! s there a recod for AE? if you go to the middle rows you can usualy sray on and ride nonstop! until somone wants tat spot
  23. i agree, also nowadays when you walkthroght the TVs arent turned on mixing the music so until you get to the station you hear the train wistles actual birds chirping and the indiana jones theam faintly playing, one of the best ques in the park for me!
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