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  1. Are the Fast Lane wristbands waterproof? If we go to the water park for a few hours will the bands hold up? Was going to wait till we got them and ask the person at the kiosk but thought someone on here might know. THANKS!
  2. Why have the Fast Lane prices been raised? Last week when i looked at them to check the price for my upcoming trip it was going to $45 per person for 2 ppl. Now it says $55 per person. Whats the deal!!!
  3. Jdub2012

    Fast Lane

    Thank you brian for posting that link.
  4. Jdub2012

    Fast Lane

    Does anyone know what the maximum number of Fast Lane wristbands they give out in a day. I know the website says many days will sell out.
  5. The website said that the math and science days were the week before because we had planned to go that week but changed it because of the math and science days...a lot of the kids had graduation t shirts on so I guess they were end of year school trips...I was just shocked at how busy it was...but the crowds aren't what I had a problem with its the way the park operates as I stated in my original post
  6. So my first ever trip to KI was not exactly what i expected. Not terrible, but I left with a bad taste in my mouth. First thing, for a Monday and Tuesday in May it was rather crowded, Tuesday more so than Monday, but then again there were bus loads of kids there both days. Also, it could be just me coming from my home park of Holiday World and Weekdays in May there, you can walk on to every ride all day long, so having to wait 30-45+ for all major rides kind of threw me. First off let me say I am not hating, i loved all the rides at KI, FOF and Firehawk were my faves, but here is thing that bugs me. When the park opens all the rides are not even open! And then through out the day others just randomly close, i understand rides are machines and things will happen, but when it happens multiple times both days that when you walk up to a ride they say sorry this is closed right now, it gets kind of maddening. And then to top it all off, DB had a long line all day so i waited to ride it then after it "stormed" even though all it did was rain for an hour not thunder or lightening at all, DB was down the rest of day Monday and ALL day Tuesday, so didnt get to ride it at all, that was a big let down. Not to mention WindSeeker was still not up either days. It just really bugs me that you pay all that money ($12 to Park, $53/Ticket, $4/drink) and the marquee attractions are closed and throughout the day you walk a mile to have someone standing at the entrance to the ride say that it is closed at this time. Anyway would i go back to KI, yes i would but only with a Fast Lane pass, because i hear the crowds are horrible in the summer time and that when we were there they were slow days.
  7. Jdub2012


    Thanks everyone for the input...I just hope my first trip to KI isnt ruined by large crowds...if they are Monday I am going to buy a fast pass Tuesday...but from what everyone says we should be good...cant wait!!!! will be sure to post a trip report when i get back on wednesday.
  8. Jdub2012


    Hello, I will be visiting KI next monday and tuesday the 21st and 22nd. This will be my first trip to KI EVER and i cannot wait lol...just wondering what everyone thinks the crowds will be like for these days? Long wait times? Any information you could provide would be great THANKS!!!
  9. THANKs everyone for all your comments...we have pushed back our trip to the next week because of the education days...so hopefully we will have a good first trip to KI
  10. Thanks everyone for the info!!! LOPAN after reading your post i looked on the Kings Island'S website and the days we were planning on going is on the EDUCATION DAYS. Does anyone think it would be better to wait until the following week to go?
  11. Hello everyone! I am planning on going to KI on May 14th and 15th 2012, which are on a Monday and Tuesday, this will be my first trip to KI and I am very excited. I just wanted to know if anyone knew what kind of crowds to expect on those days in the middle of May. Also are the kids still in school around that area at that time? Any info you could give me would be most helpful. THANK YOU in advance :-)
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