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  1. I was so glad when I stumbled on this forum as I was a eyewitness to the tragic event at the pond on June 9th, 1991 At Kings Island Octoberfest area. It has been over 20 years ago, I was 29 at the time but still have vivid memories of what happened. Shaggy's entry above is an accurate account on almost all points on what did happen. Before I give my account of what I saw, I do need to state that the area was NOT immediately closed off and secured. It was at least 10 min's that I was up close to the event (very near the entrance to the foot bridge that crossed the pond) before the bodies were removed from the pond and the area was then secured and we were backed away from the area. I witnessed all 3 bodies removed from the pond. Here is what I remember: A friend of mine and myself were approaching the octoberfest area when we heard someone screaming "he's been shocked". At first I thought they were saying "he's been SHOT" as like with a gun. My thought was to flee the area thinking a crazed person was there with a gun. Hearing others screaming I soon figured out they were shouting "shocked" and "electrocuted" not shot. We proceeded near the entrance of the bridge that crossed over the pond (which is longer there). I did NOT witness either the first or the 2nd person enter the pond. However I could see both bodies in the shallow waters of the pond. They were not next to each other, one was in slightly deeper waters furthest from my view, the other was very close to the waters edge in shallow waters. Both were face down and on the bottom of the pond. There was not a huge crowd at the time in this area, although some people were around and more were showing up. I also saw dead fish floating on the water as well. (why the dead fish were floating on the surface, and the bodies sank to the bottom I can't answer maybe someone else can?) A few patrons were using trash can lids poking the lids into the water where the bodies were located, however the bodies were on the bottom of the pond and could not be reached. I assume since these lids were plastic they did not conduct electricity, I saw no one injured while using the trash can lids. Then a young male security officer came on the scene, and without any hesitation went immediately towards the pond, he without doubt saw the 2 bodies on the ponds bottom and walked into the water. As soon as his feet hit the water (now keep in mind it was not deep at all at the waters shoreline) but he immediately "froze" and dropped face first into the pond with out any sound, no scream nothing, just went face down and almost immediately also sank to the bottom. The only sound was his body hitting and making a splash in the water. There were no sparks, No shaking (like one would think being electrocuted) but nothing like that happened. He stepped into the water, went face down and sunk to the bottom. Now I am seeing 3 bodies laying face down in the bottom of the pond. Other security and the Parks mini ambulance showed up shortly after the security officer went in the pond. All of us urged them that the water was "charged" with electricity and not to go in. Soon another security person said the electricity had been turned off and it was safe to enter. Other park security personal went in the water and pulled one body out at a time and laid them face up on the cement sidewalk near the pond. I witnessed all 3 bodies being removed from the pond and placed on the cement. All 3 bodies had a bluish color and all looked totally limp with no signs of life whatsoever. At this point security and other park officials were forcing us back from the scene. Shortly thereafter full sized ambulances were arriving on the scene. I did see mouth to mouth being used on at least 2 of the victims before being forced back away from the scene. I would say I was up right next to the pond for at least 10 min's before security secured the scene and had everyone back away. It was a horrible event to witness. I assumed all 3 bodies I saw were all dead. I was quite amazed learning the next day that one did survive and that person was the VERY first one in the water. I was there and witnessed the event for 10 minuets, so he had to be under water for at least this long of time. I did not witness or even know about the accident on Flight commander until hearing that report on WLW radio on my way back home which was in Indianapolis at the time. They also announced on WLW for anyone that was a witness to either event to call the Radio Station. Being 1991 I didn't have a cell phone at that time, however I did call the station when I got back home, and they did put me on the air live that night around midnight and I explained what I had seen. It was a freak event, and a very dark day at Kings Island. 3 deaths all in a single day. Every time I visit the park I always remember that day, even though that area no longer looks anything like what it did that day, that horrible day in Early June 1991.
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