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  1. I'm pretty sure it ended in a concussion for yours truly.
  2. Its interesting considering we have changed nothing with the ad codes for years..... Currently looking into this. -We were automatically enrolled in their new "Auto Ad's" which allows google to decide when and where ads appear. That has now been reverted back.
  3. I wanna say there was times where The Beast had to close down for safety of riders because the Cicadas were so bad back there. Also I have a memory of sitting out infront of The Paramount Theater with Ryan and the sound was absolutely deafening.
  4. Looks like they updated their DNS today... server change?
  5. Clean up on this thread in content that could be considered as over embellishing on what repairs/preventative maintenance on AE that occurred.
  6. To tag onto what Shaggy said, when the marquee was replaced out they actually opted for the better hardware and software system at the time. After install, they were then told of different regulations on what they couldn't flash, show video, animate, etc etc and had to draw back a lot of the cool stuff the sign could do. But yet there is an organization on I-75 that sign gives you epilepsy as you drive past it.
  7. I'll also let the cat out of the bag that we are working on replacement themes as the current ones have some hiding and displaying issues some of you have messaged me about.
  8. Massacre Manor did have a spark wall effect towards the end of the house, not sure if its the same one as they are pretty easy to make and the AC to DC inverter that powers the effect will eventually burn out.
  9. COPPA https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/complying-coppa-frequently-asked-questions-0
  10. Oh I’ll text you what a non funny joke that has become. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Pretty much whenever anything a certain somebody doesn't like something that is posted anywhere on the internet whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and that person is anyhow traced back to being a user on KIC (or even not). KIC community will get the full blame for it. Even though that person may have asked for admin for input before posting it to our forums. In which we complied with their requests in saying no. As long as photos are not in violation of any local or federal laws they are fair game. Inwhich mostly any shot from an airplane or helicopter is.
  12. KIC is an independent site from official Cedar Fair Kings Island. It has a working professional/political relationship to do this whole thing with them. They give us exclusive media and access to cover things to share with you and sometimes they ask for things to be removed or hidden. Its a give and take. We all volunteer to do this because of our love for the park. Sometimes it is fun and fulfilling, but also many times it can be quite stressful. We try and roll with the punches the best we can.
  13. EM machines are alittle older then why I like to deal with typically but definitely gonna take a look. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Build up a decent amount of content before you advertise. Right now, people going there and reading one blog post isn't going to make people bookmark it and return.
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