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  1. That's the cutest goat I've ever seen
  2. It was red. That's my only thing to say I guess, I really liked the movie and the theming they did for it.
  3. Its all in one pic and not seperate posts. I do agree, it is long.
  4. I like to call it Top Gun. The ride was better when it was Top Gun so I'm calling it Top Gun.
  5. Ok. For the slightest second I thought it was a Behemoth train. Just making sure I wasn't seeing things.
  6. Do they own that land between Top Gun and Great Wolf Lodge?
  7. cheetah hunt was way better, at least they had an inversion.
  8. In a test pov video I saw on youtube I realized that the car was yellow. Was this just the train before they painted it?
  9. I think we already have a car themed ride. (Backlot Stunt Coaster)
  10. That totally makes sense!! I'd take Snoopy instead of an old guy dancing around anyway.
  11. This is a strange question. Me and my friend were having an ordinary KI discussion last night and he thought that KI was owned by Six Flags. I corrected him and said Cedar Fair owns KI and I showed him http://cedarfair.com/ That got me thinking, what would KI be like if they were owned by Six Flags? Would it benfit the park or not?
  12. I always hoped for a B&M Dive Machine. I rode Sheikra in Busch Gardens and it was amazing.
  13. The Columbus Zoo is one of my favorites, its a really cool zoo and its so big that its devides into two halves. Thats like two cincinnati Zoos.
  14. I'm sorry, I'm kinda new here. I didn't see that post. Thanks for pointing me out on that.
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