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  1. Although Dolly herself is very accepting and open minded, I don't know if the majority of clientele at Dollywood is ready for trans.
  2. No, SeaWorld San Diego. Orlando already has a Mako.
  3. After watching the various videos of interpretations of the blueprints, I thought I’d be more excited about the coaster’s potential. I’m not. The videos are well done and look realistic, but it just ends so abruptly. And I keep hearing “but Fury kind of fizzles out toward the end”. Well then, fix that...don’t end it like Fury. Add some low to the ground s turns (like El Toro or Lightning Run) and speed hills after the helix. Also: it’s spelled “queue”. “Que” is Spanish for “what”.
  4. I didn’t see it either. Is that an actual maneuver? It sounds like what the woman in front of me at Starbucks ordered this morning.
  5. Where is there an outer banked turn on The Voyage?
  6. https://imgur.com/gallery/evgVSOa These were posted by parkfans.net and are pretty good.
  7. It's not that close and it's not that busy.
  8. Tallest and fastest coaster at Kings Island.
  9. I realize it comes off sounding like an entitled brat to say that I'm disappointed, but I am disappointed. Yeah, it's a giga, but just barely. And I wouldn't even mind the height if the layout looked a little more inspired, but I don't see anything interesting about it. Yeah, yeah, I know: "Don't ride it then. One less person in line for me. Blah blah blah". I'll ride it, and I'll probably enjoy it, but it just seems like a waste of potential.
  10. Except that Diamondback has a more creative layout.
  11. 1035 lift hill top. 735 bottom....so exactly 300ft. They're really pushing it.
  12. I guess that kills any hopes of it being a fake leak, unfortunately.
  13. So, like the opposite of Wicker Man's lift.
  14. ^^^I haven't seen it posted by any of my friends (I'd hope most of my coaster friends are a bit more knowledgeable) but I see reference to it in comments on posts ("This was announced a long time ago..old news! lmao"). It takes a lot of self control, but I just take a deep breath and move along instead of calling them out on being gullible and engaging in an internet argument with a stranger.
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