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  1. Well, you left the “visit” out of Orion’s, so there’s that.
  2. There's probably already an adult movie called that.
  3. From the FOX19 article: "The first announcement included pictures of the former roller coasters here at the park such as the Zodiac, Firehawk, Invertigo, and Sky Lab. So some were guessing possibly a new coaster." Only one of those is a former roller coaster.
  4. At the time I was working with a girl who was good friends with a guy on KI’s marketing team. She overheard me talking about the announcement and said she knew that it was a “lumberjack” (her words) themed wooden coaster but couldn’t remember the name (she’s not an enthusiast). She texted him and asked and later that day texted me the name. I no longer work with her but tried getting in contact with her about this year’s announcement, but I’ve been unsuccessful.
  5. That was me. I leaked it.
  6. Nothing. He just said it would be the longest steel coaster in the park.
  7. You know you can edit your posts, right? That may eliminate some of the double and triple posting.
  8. I think that's just the lighting. If you look at the image on her twitter, they are the same. The boxes were packaged by humans, and judging by the amount of errors they made on the posters it wouldn't surprise me if someone grabbed two by mistake.
  9. Apparently there are two Firehawk posters (trading cards?) in the bundle.
  10. My point was that the marketing team probably did in fact use Photoshop (or other Adobe software) to create the announcement.
  11. Well, it probably is Photoshopped, since that, Illustrator and InDesign are the preferred software for designers and marketing teams.
  12. These are the coordinates on the poster.
  13. I think you mean "Prost!"
  14. Is "hard park" a thing? I've always called it water park and dry park.
  15. Very brave of you to admit. Exactly how many chins do you have anyway?
  16. Plus the track is not marked as a wing coaster and the blueprints have renderings of the trains.
  17. I swear, some of the posts on here are more difficult to decipher than the teaser campaign.
  18. Are you talking about the dude in his garage giving you the scoop on what’s up? If so, he’s stating that the letters that are state abbreviations have changed on 5 of the posters into letters that are not state abbreviations. But there is a video from Hawaiian Coasters 325 that clearly shows all of the posters with the letters unchanged. I don’t know where he’s getting his info. edit: ok, so now I watched another video and a guy filmed the posters yesterday after a guest (presumably) had removed the stickers (which were covering mistakes) and placed them in different areas. Someone already confirmed that as of this morning those posters had been reprinted and replaced (without stickers) and that they matched what was there previously.
  19. I made the poster, but I am not Mr. Christopher.....or am I? I'm not.
  20. I signed, but I'm not donating $7.00.
  21. It does look like a QR code... you can make out the boxes in 3 corners.
  22. via CP Food Blog on twitter
  23. It actually doesn't say that at all.
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