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  1. Construction photos has been updated on the Kings Island website. Thanks Don Helbig!!
  2. i keep hoping they will post several pics at a time of the different areas of construction. i.e. the turnaround, the crossover at the train tracks, the station and the approach to it....and especially the bridge over the lake. I mean i'm happy to see anything but just one pic at a time every few days just isnt enough for me. LOL
  3. i agree, you would think they would update the construction photos on their webpage at LEAST once every 2 weeks tops.
  4. It's kind of interesting to see how they get all the Cords and cross bracing pieced up there to tie all the batter braces together for the lift hill. Looks from i can tell like a simple rope and pulley type of system. Although i must say it seemed to go rather slowly, i've done framing before myself, and something like that where the cords and cross bracing pieces for that entire section are all the same, the guy on the ground would have a simple jig made up to make cutting and boring the holes go quickly. But then again, those boys are working the day after Thanksgiving, I usually have that off, like most people i know. So i can understand not wanting to be super thrilled about working today. LOL
  5. I pretty much agree with you on this. I understand everybody has different things they like about a coaster. I personally like the first drop and height, i think all roller coasters first drop should always be a straight drop, no banking etc. and lots of hills that are similar with maybe a few other elements. I myself find helixs mundane and boring. But thats my preference. I am sure there are people that like just the opposite. And thats fine. But overall for me, SOB design and layout were horrible, the first drop and loop were the only things i liked, I also love just the overall beauty of looking at a good wood coaster. I was truly disappointed the first time i saw it in person. It could have been so much more....would love to have seen what RMC would have done with it given the chance. but i have a feeling that it might of been one that they may have passed on given the chance. but then again, maybe not.
  6. If i lived locally in that area, i would find out where the carpenters on the job go for a beer after work or whatnot and go there and socialize and make a friend or two, then bribe em a bit with a few $ and a few drinks and get them to snap a few pics for me each day.
  7. RMC can do it in the same space and make it higher due to the fact that the drop is considerably steeper than original. however i would say for ever "x" amount of feet higher the lift hill bents will need extra "legs" on the side for more stability. If you recall SOB, it had many tapering legs to the outside of it to support a 200'+ height and it was a curved lift hill. a straight one needs it on both sides generally.
  8. Well i am pretty sure he meant be able to see it better from the Diamondback cam, and on a computer screen at full screen and NOT from a phone. Also, the trees still have a bit to go before they are naked. LOL but yeah. you wont see detail like when viewing the lifthill cam. That is for sure.
  9. I was really hoping we would have some pics from the water crossing area by now.
  10. Speaking of bents, this little diagram has the proper terminology for the different parts of a bent.
  11. I have always wondered that myself, because basically all it really is , is an elaborate train trestle support structure with varying heights if you think about it.
  12. Actually the second FB live will be sometime between March 1-5.
  13. I also wanted to add that Don Helbig also told me that the 2 Facebook Live construction updates he had mentioned would be the first one either the beginning of December or the beginning of January (they havent decided which yet) and the second would be in March.
  14. Ok everyone, i have already heard back from Don Helbig about a second cam for Mystic Timbers, this is what he said: Steve, Thank you for your interest in Mystic Timbers. It's going to be a great ride! At this time there are no plans to add a second webcam or relocate the current one to a different spot. There's not a location within the construction area of the ride to run cable from. Once the leaves have all fallen from the trees, you'll be able to see more from the current webcam location than what you can right now. We will continue to post photos and videos of the construction on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the construction of the ride. These platforms will offer first looks and the best views of the construction on Mystic Timbers. I will also have a couple of Facebook Live sessions from the construction site. Regards, Don Helbig
  15. I messaged Don Helbig asking him about a second webcam. He is really good about responding back to people. Great PR guy. Hopefully he will let us know soon.
  16. Sure wish we had a better view of the construction of the crossover that's going on now.
  17. i was thinking maybe they put a cam on that little building by where the turnaround will be.
  18. ^I am thinking it is all the way to the beginning of the lift hill now. Because it looks like they are working on the crossover section. I could be wrong though.
  19. I really do hope they add a second cam like they did on Banshee construction. Because this will get rather boring otherwise.
  20. My gf and I both wear cargo pants with zippers on all the pockets, so we dont need the lockers for anything. In other words, we plan ahead, and this applies to all amusement parks.
  21. I think all those bents will be going up first thing in the morning.
  22. Yes it's the video they did of standing the tallest bent, the camera was mounted to the end of the crane so you get an overhead view of them placing it and the workers securing it from the top. You can find the vid on their twitter page.
  23. THey do, if you look at the topping off video, you can see cables attached to each bent and they attach to that with their harness that each worker is required to wear.
  24. ^ I agree, another 3 or 4 bents and the crane will be boxed in. Along with the wood bundles, generator and job boxes. going to be moving time soon.
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