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  1. Looks like a really nice stack of new bents ready to go up over by the chain motor house. It also looks like all the footers for the lift hill have been poured....sure hope they left a path for the crane to get out. (now awaiting comment from none other than....Mr. Know it all)
  2. If you look at the webcam right now, its pitch black except for the far right where the walkway lamps are. But it looks like a bunch of figures standing there. Is that something that is used for Haunt?
  3. Welcome aboard, i was hoping you guys were on here. You have the best video updates there are. Always look forward to seeing your newest vid.
  4. The extra footers are probably for extra side bracing stacks and then the knee braces, usually what they do on the taller bents.
  5. It is ALWAYS ridiculously expensive at any park......really dont think it needs to be either.
  6. Here's a pic courtesy of Ohio Valley Coasters. https://www.facebook.com/ohiovalleycoasters/photos/pb.1533079017001185.-2207520000.1474806084./1573197796322640/?type=3&theater
  7. Looks like a few boys were putting in a bit of OT this morning. Good to see. Getting those lift hill footers in so the next set of bents can go up.
  8. Will someone post some pics of this event?
  9. Son of Beast took up much much more room than Banshee currently occupies. What is in the rest of the old SOB area?
  10. Yes it is, just wish we could see it a bit better. Looks like they are already tracking it.
  11. A trencher really isn't designed for footer digging. These footers are at least two foot wide IIRC. Trenchers that big are going to be for heavy duty installations and be much too large for a project like this. Also, trenchers don't have a way of loading the dirt into trucks for haul off and just leaves it next to your hole. They are best for running long trenches for electric lines, sewer lines, etc that are going to be filled in soon after. A backhoe or excavator is really the best for jobs like this. Makes sense, thanks for the input, appreciate it.
  12. It will be interesting to see where they stage the bents for the lift hill. I am going to go out on a limb (bad pun, i know) and say they will use the area from where the crane is now to the where the white and yellow job boxes are.
  13. I'm curious as to why they are using a backhoe instead of a large trencher to dig out for the footers. Anyone know?
  14. Did anyone else notice that the next to last bent that they put up today had to be laid down and they seem to have to redo it or something. Anyone else see that?
  15. I agree, it also looks like a portion of DB track is going to be directly in the way of view of the first drop.
  16. It looks like they will be adding bents to the other end of that first area tomorrow i would guess. It is really coming together now.
  17. There definitely are cliques here, but the people who typically attend "meet-ups" are glad to meet other park fans. At something like a construction tour or Coasterstock, you do need to introduce yourself if you'd like to meet people. In general, I don't think that people with unpopular opinions are made to feel unwelcome here. That said, many Internet forums tend to have a critical side, which I know is intimidating for some. Since you mentioned that Banshee construction tour, just something for anyone who ends up on a Mystic Timbers tour to remember: following the instructions/rules (eg. staying with the group, not touching things you aren't supposed to) is vitally important on a behind-the-scenes tour, lest the group not be invited on such things in the future. I can promise not everyone will agree with my views. And vise versa. I've had a really good time. Almost died a couple times. But enjoyed every minute. very well said my friend, Couldnt agree more.
  18. It sure is nice to see vertical construction resuming today. I am curious as to how many bents have been assembled on the ground already but aren't within the webcam's view.
  19. I think you mean today or Monday, unless these boys are putting in a bit of O.T. But i personally would love to see some more vertical construction today.
  20. Finally figured out how to block someone. Now i can really enjoy this post without viewing anything from "Mr. Know-it-all". Dont worry i wont "spam" anymore.
  21. Where did everybody go all of a sudden? All the workers cars are gone.
  22. Well i personally think the Tower cam is just a bit to far away to get a decent view of the back area of Mystic Timbers
  23. Well hopefully they will add a second webcam and show that back area. They did so when Banshee was constructed. Of course they will have to have some sort of structure to put the webcam in and hook it up....but from what i have seen there are a few structures back in that area. One can always wish.
  24. Hardly, im an architectural designer, i have a wee bit of experience of construction projects....most of the silly questions i ask are from my daughter, like the stumps. LOL
  25. yes i just noticed that as well. yay!!! more bents
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