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  1. They may also be doing what KD did with their FoF. The indoor queue is much smaller because a large portion of it was turned into a Haunt maze. This extended queue could be to prevent people from spilling out into the main path on a busy day,

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  2. 8 minutes ago, scoriell said:

    Imagine basing your opinion of a ride on a leaked layout and a drawing lol

    If this ride makes it in the top 10 steel coasters at the Golden Ticket Awards next year I will print out this page and eat my words. 

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  3. 46 minutes ago, DustinTheNow said:

    After careful inspection and measuring the footer locations, namely the main spine footing locations for the lift spine, along with an understanding of B&M’s drop shape, I have some semi-bad news. The Coaster looks to be (only) about 285 ft. I am assuming based on placement of the drop into a “valley” that the drop will exceed 300 ft. This will be a Giga in the same way Apollo’s Chariot is a Hyper. Take it or leave it. 3E62165D-83F5-4CEE-80E0-C23D18690658.jpeg

    Imagine cheaping out on having a good ride so your 1/3 scale faded Eiffel Tower can remain the most prominent part of your skyline.

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  4. I'm not sure on the likelihood of a B&M Floorless coming to any park. There have only been two built in the last 10 years, and both of them overseas (India and China). The last B&M Floorless built in the U.S. was Hydra the Revenge at Dorney in '05. Parks seem to be going with B&M's more modern models which is why so many probably expect a giga because of Cedar Fair's recent investments.

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  5. I might be in the minority here and I also don't know if this has already been said on this thread but I would personally love an RMC T-rex. Hopefully the raptors do very well because a larger model would, imo, be better than a giga. I would much rather have anything by RMC than B&M or Intamin.

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  6. It was so nice having people tell us to drive safe and thanking us for sticking it out. I was checking bars that last hour and everyone was so friendly and knew what they were doing and it made that last hour of work awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out for Coasterstock! 

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  7. I think it's just a dumping area for dirt and things like that but I could definitely see a coaster going through that area. I also think there might be a reason besides Haunt for keeping SoB's station...

  8. On 4/12/2017 at 10:31 AM, jdf21972 said:

    With Opening day just around the corner, just a simple reminder about preview night and Opening Day. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND UNDERSTANDING about lines for food and rides. They will get better during the season,  but remember there are teenagers having their first official day at work or first time at a job. We know what to expect, but some people do not. I would hope we have some compassion and understanding that not everything will be perfect the first time. thank you for listening.

    Thank you for posting this. My first ever day of work is Friday and trust me we'll be working our hardest but be patient as there are a few first years on our crew. We will certainly try our best but it's hard to be perfect without a lot of practice beforehand. The good thing about this is that we can only get better from here.

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  9. 2 hours ago, chugh43 said:

    There will be lockers fairly close by to MT. 

    The windows of the gift shop aren't open to see in or out, so it wouldn't really matter if they were blocked.

    The problem with them being close to Mystic Timbers is that's quite a walk for someone to use on Diamondback. Banshee's are across the path, MT's will be close to the entrance, so that would be quite an inconvenience to walk all the way over there to use the lockers. But I'd still take walking to MT for a locker than having bins in the station.

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